Quantum Soul Embodiment Method ™

Heyy beautiful.

So, you want to know a bit more about the methodology that’s the foundation of my 1:1 Mentorship and signature program, Orgasmic Soul Alignment™?

Quantum Soul Embodiment Method™ is a proven system designed to help you awaken to your intrinsic divinity, fulfillment, reality creatorship and orgasmic nature.

Over the last seven years, I’ve distilled a wildly unique process into a powerful, proven science. The purpose of this methodology is not to “get to” a singular end-result, but a revolutionized, rapturous lifestyle.

This approach is aimed to transform trauma, patterns and oppression that have been internalized and perpetuated within the nervous system, and hence, have become cultural norms.

Trauma lives in how it’s become “normal” to experience chronic insecurity, doubt and distrust, to be your own worst critic, feel victim to circumstance, work constantly, and to numbly move through the motions of life.

Oppression is rooted deeper in how we unconsciously antagonize essential aspects of our humanity: emotions, experiences or parts of ourselves that we were taught were too much, bad or negative.

These patterns live in the perception that there are parts of our bodies and minds that not only lack intelligence, but actively sabotage our goals and slow our progress. I know this to be one of the greatest myths in history.

Oppression is lived within us when we compartmentalize, shrink, and go to war with parts of ourselves in an attempt to achieve our goals, live out our desires, emanate ‘love and light’, and align with our ‘higher selves’.

Now, a core philosophy of QSEM is this: even these patterns are not problems. They are an accumulation of intelligent survival strategies, coping mechanisms, trauma and belief systems we have inherited.

Regardless of how outdated and counterproductive they’ve become in the present, they still aim to keep us safe, and support us towards our desires.

No matter how senseless and painful they seem to us now, these patterns adhere to a logical blueprint of the past, and strive to resolve it.

Quantum Soul Embodiment Method™ is a refined approach to update your somatic circuitry, so you can live each day whole, fulfilled, liberated, pleasure-rich, and intimate with all life.

Because, my love, you get to awaken to the malleability of old patterns.
You get to intentionally choose a mental and spiritual shift in your perception that honors the intelligence and divinity within you, and your ancestry…
You get to re-orient your relationship with emotion…
And, you get to give your body permission to recalibrate and return to the present.
As you awaken body, mind and soul to the present, you awaken to the rapture of choice and creatorship: how you desire to design, explore and experience your precious life.

To honor our exquisite individuality, the Quantum Soul Embodiment™ journey is not a one-dimensional map applied the same way for every person, nor is it a linear process, or a fix-it approach…

By now I know you’re tired of that nonsense because the changes you make from judgment and discontent don’t last.

So, we are here to charter beyond what our minds have templates for —

into a wildly alive present, and a regenerative future.

The method behind my mad genius…

Wild Science Steps:

Phase 1: Unify Body-Mind-Soul and Become the Alchemist

During this phase, you learn embodiment techniques and tools to activate the potential within patterns of resistance, fear, doubt and discomfort. You’ll become a powerful alchemist who playfully transforms perception and energy.

We explore tantric views, life-changing rituals and implement emotional navigation tools to build an empowering connection with all that you perceive blocks your capacity to be and embody your soul {who you really are and desire to be}.

Through building a fresh relationship with yourself, your beliefs, emotions, time and reality… you restore safety and trust as the “default” experience in your body, and a true foundation for your fullest expression.

Phase 2: Learn to Rest, Create, Work and Communicate From Soul

We dismantle perfectionism and accomplishment culture, so you are free to no longer value yourself based on inauthentic cultural constructs and expectations. You’ll learn refined tools to embody your unique soul every day, while you simultaneously pursue your desires from overflow.

You’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of your soul’s unique artistry, and reclaim your genius within the parts of your creative process that you previously judged or deemed ‘wrong’.

We dive into the essential keys to create, live, relate and rest from the feminine and masculine facets of soul.

You revolutionize your experience of consistency and anxious creating; and breathe fresh life into productivity, daily habits, healthy boundaries and spiritual practice.

Phase 3: Pleasure, Intimacy and Wealth Embodiment

In phase 3, we focus on transforming patterns around relationships, sex and money. You will expand the capacity within your nervous system to experience more genuine pleasure, power, intimacy and abundance.

As you dissolve the tendency to barter pain for pleasure, you’ll reclaim your identity as inherently worthy, sexually and sensually liberated, and dripping with the opulence of soul.

The essence of this phase is: to HAVE it all, BE and FEEL it all.

You create and fully inhabit the life and relationship{s} of your dreams to the degree that you practice living them mentally, emotionally, somatically and spiritually. This means not only exercising your ability to lean in to edges of discomfort that naturally arise, but to ease and playfulness as well.

Through embodiment and pleasure rituals, deep-dives about communication and intimacy, and quantum wealth codes… we unleash, and revel in, your orgasmic nature.

Phase 4: Reality Architect and Legacy Leadership Integration

You’ll learn what it really means to have your own back, and claim your own throne. This phase is about trusting yourself to thrive, lead from your body, and hold your truth at the helm when shit hits the fan…

Because true legacy lives in the wholeness you embody, the aliveness you emanate, and the sensation you inspire.

You’ll learn to lead yourself in catching the ways you’ve unconsciously created your reality and formed your relationships from outdated constructs… and become a conscious architect who’s artistry is shaping reality itself.

In essence, this phase is about meeting all of life not as happening *to* you, but *designed by you, for you*. When we engage reality with this lens {rooted in quantum physics}, we naturally take responsibility for our experience of, and action within, any circumstance, and allow even the most mundane or challenging experiences to catalyze learning and awakening.

In Phase 4, you step fully into Quantum Soul Embodiment™ as a lifelong path where you continuously discover the sacred within the human, your body as holy, and experience your creative essence as limitless.

These are some modalities and disciplines we use when working together:

  • Quantum Soul Embodiment Method™
  • VITA Method™: Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach
  • Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Practices
  • Nervous System and Subconscious Reprogramming
  • Sacred Sexuality Practices and Revolutionary Sexual Trauma Healing Tools
  • Archetypal Embodiment and Identity Reorientation
  • Menstrual Cycle Awareness
  • Wealth Embodiment and Money Mindset
  • Holistic Resistance and Self-Sabotage Transformation
  • Zero-Point Reality Design and Manifestation, rooted at the intersection of spirituality and Quantum Physics
  • Self-Pleasure Rituals
  • Yoni Egg, Wand and De-Armoring Practices
  • Breathwork
  • Masculine and Feminine Energy Dynamics
  • Embodied Visualization
  • Conscious Relationship Communication, Attachment Styles, and Imago Therapy Perspectives
  • Tantric Wisdom and Philosophy
  • Shamanic Journeywork
  • Internalized Oppression Transformation
  • Non-violent Communication
  • Habit and Ritual Building, Goal Setting and Accountability