Transform period pain into a temple for growth

and spiritual opulence

Rare is the woman who reveres her blood as a gateway through which she connects to her truth, power and love.

She – the zero point of reality…

She resides in the spacious mystery between death and the blooming of new life.

She – present, soft, open…

She is an oracle for evolutionary wisdom and ecstasy.

She – the beating Heart of Winter…

She stands in the warm light of her inner world, knowing she can fearlessly trust herself.

She is the one within every woman who bleeds that I believe the world aches for most.

She is the one within every woman who bleeds that I am devoted to remembering, awakening and honoring.

Because reclaiming trust in our wombs is no small feat in a world where we’ve been taught to suppress, dismiss and be ashamed of our periods.

My love, after years of guiding women in the art of Menstrual Cycle Awareness, I deeply believe that menstruation is one of the most underutilized self-development experiences…

Most of us have been taught to perceive pathology in the evolutionary cycle of our wombs. We live shying away from the introversion, deep feeling and softness of menstruation…

And hence, we live shying away from our true potential.

So my love, I might be the first to whisper truth in your ear:

You are designed to live fully alive, nourished and spiritually opulent.

So, let Her carry you across the threshold into a new experience of menstruation: one where the pain is met as sacred, where you are replenished, where your body leads you into the wilds of your soul.

In this ceremony bundle, you will:

  • Experience your bleeding time in an eye-opening, healing and ceremonial way.
  • Heal and awaken through period pain, menstrual symptoms and emotions in real time.
  • Reclaim menstruation as part of your power, vitality, and inner support system.

What’s inside:

  • Introductory audio
  • Magic of Menstruation Mini Video Training
  • Posture and Movement Sequence Guide {PDF} to support pain relief, as well as blood and energy release
  • Foundational Tools for Ceremony Guide {PDF}
  • 45 minute Womb Temple Ceremony downloadable audio
  • Ceremony demonstration video
  • Spotify playlists for various ceremony experiences

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