Make your life an orgasmic art of soul, sacred sexuality and embodied leadership.

Make your life an orgasmic art

of soul, sacred sexuality

and embodied leadership.

Hi beautiful, my name is Luna.

I’m the Founder of Quantum Soul Embodiment Method™.

I help leaders, artists, spiritual teachers and therapists embody their divinity, fulfillment, relational wisdom and sexual liberation.

I’ve spent years refining my methodology to help you alchemize your perception, trauma, relationship patterns, self-sabotage and emotional disempowerment

so you can experience your true nature, and consciously design the revolutionary life you were born to weave.

I’m devoted to helping you dissolve the perceived distance between you, as you are right now… and the freedom and fulfillment you yearn for most.

Because, my love, you deserve to discover yourself within and beyond the constant hustle towards your “higher self”, imagined future, and career goals.

Because you deserve to experience your life guided seamlessly by your soul’s wild truth and pleasure, rather than all the pain, patterns, should’s and supposed to’s.

Whether you crave transformation in your nervous system, sexuality, relationships, creativity, leadership, menstrual cycle, impact or wealth… we unveil your desired reality, together.

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There’s a wild impulse stirring in your bones…

A whisper growing louder… A truth picking up momentum in the back of your throat, demanding to be unleashed…

You startle awake at midnight, with sweat at your temple and heat between your thighs. And you know you’re on the verge of a breakthrough. You can sense it like electricity in the air when lightning is close.

You have the impulse to just relax and allow the untaming, the quantum leap, the metamorphosis.But the resistance, doubt and mental noise is still ringing in your ears.

You’ve done so much in the world and so much “inner work” that it’s hard to fathom that there might be a whole new realm of magic within you. Your mind conjures evidence that you’ll just have to deal with the residual fear, burnout, patterns and pain…

Now, what if I told you that you don’t need to do any more work? No more force, no more proving or explaining yourself, no more searching for the “better version” of you, no more “fixing to heal”.

What if I could guarantee that all you need now is to tease open your truth, reframe your perspective, and surrender to the greatness that’s awakening inside you?

As you read these words, you feel it. You are ready to do the most transformative thing you will ever do: you are on the threshold of embodying your soul. You are about to leap into the limitless.

You know it’s time, my love… so the most important question is this:

Will you say “yes”?

When I came to Luna, I was exhausted and skeptical. I had worked with a number of sexologists and therapists to help heal sexual blocks from childhood shaming and religious conditioning without any real shifts at all. I was unsure if I’d ever find compatible support, or if it was possible truly heal these imprints, and their effects on my body and being.

Luna is an incredibly skilled practitioner and intuitive. To my surprise, I experienced immediate responses of softening, opening, relaxing and feeling greater sensuousness in my body. Parts of me, once ridden with numbness or anxious discomfort to my partner’s touch, became exhilarating caresses that ignited my whole body.

These awakenings continued to develop throughout our work together. Luna is a true guide into reclaiming greater sovereignty. She leads you into your internal altar, where she ensures you are not left without knowing how to get there by following the flames of your own inner-light.

I now feel deeply empowered in my natural ability to access my sexual and sensual prowess and fully enjoy the pleasure of my own erotic pulse, without shame. I did not think that was possible. A whole new way of experiencing life has opened up inside me. There’s no going back.

Ally Rugge

Founder of Menstrala School

Where most therapists have left me bored of hearing my own voice with no practical answers or shifts ever given other than ‘conscious perspective’, and most coaches have left me exhausted at the sound of their voice dictating encouragements and their own perspective on my life, Luna listened to my ramblings on limiting patterns and past trauma with a laser-like intent, making meaning of it all with few words and much grace. The guided visual and somatic portions of my single session with Luna created immediate and lasting nervous system changes in me that I’m still incredulous about.

In any kind of self-development or integrative-type work, I had bought into the idea that it takes months, even years to make changes. But working with Luna, I’ve fully opened my own inner knowing that healing can be immediate and quick, even spontaneous – if we let it. Luna helped me integrate both safety and openness for an immediate, solid and gentle clearing like I’ve never had the privilege of experiencing before. In short, Luna is a force of nature – in the most embracing catalytic way possible.

Christine Ren


Working with Luna is absolutely life changing. Our first session blew my mind — I immediately found a connection with my body and soul that I never thought was possible. I’ve spent years working on myself, my emotions and my spiritual wellbeing in different ways, and am a teacher and coach on these topics. Nonetheless, Luna guided me to new dimensions, clarity, transformation and connection in ways I wasn’t able to reach by myself.

Working with Luna has changed more than I can express in words. I now work from endless ease, desire and inner knowing. I can check in with my energy and intuition deeper than ever before, and I can connect to my soul and inner power in a totally new, amplified way. My life feels enchanted and magical. My business has become a magical place that I come home to, and that creates more abundance than ever before. Even the way I move, think, speak and look at things is forever changed.

Luna works with endless love, tenderness and curiosity. Her knowledge is impeccable. She is wise, strong and loving. I am forever grateful for her guidance — it has had (and still has) immense impact on both my personal life and my business.

I would recommend everybody work with Luna. Her presence and guidance — through sessions AND private messaging — will have an impact that you cannot even comprehend beforehand.

Dolly Heuveling van Beek

Feminine Abundance and Creation Mentor


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