Revolutionize your life and leadership through an empowering relationship with your body, mind and feminine rhythm.

Revolutionize your life and leadership

through an empowering relationship with

your body, mind and feminine rhythm.

You are built for

My Philosophy

  • Every emotion, sensation and thought propels us toward realization of our inherent wholeness.
  • Your sexuality is the most foundational key to true thriving and self-love.
  • True pleasure and orgasm are expressions of the utmost sacred.
  • Desire is at the core of all transformation that propels us into our deepest authentic thriving.

We can’t step into our purpose and fulfillment without knowing our true desires. 

And the only way to connect with our desire is to excavate, reclaim and experience our pleasure.

  • We have the opportunity to heal long-held tension, trauma and emotion within the blueprint of the body, so we can experience true clarity and liberation.
  • We are evolving, dynamic expressions of life. Every human being is worthy and capable of having an ecstatic, free sexual life.
  • Conscious internal relationship and ownership is the foundation of lasting happiness.
  • Relationships are an invitation to healing and self-realization.
  • Erotic integration and emotional intelligence are keys for planetary evolution and healing.

Where most therapists have left me bored of hearing my own voice with no practical answers or shifts ever given other than ‘conscious perspective’, and most coaches have left me exhausted at the sound of their voice dictating encouragements and their own perspective on my life, Luna listened to my ramblings on limiting patterns and past trauma with a laser-like intent, making meaning of it all with few words and much grace. The guided visual and somatic portions of my single session with Luna created immediate and lasting nervous system changes in me that I’m still incredulous about.

In any kind of self-development or integrative-type work, I had bought into the idea that it takes months, even years to make changes. But working with Luna, I’ve fully opened my own inner knowing that healing can be immediate and quick, even spontaneous – if we let it. Luna helped me integrate both safety and openness for an immediate, solid and gentle clearing like I’ve never had the privilege of experiencing before. In short, Luna is a force of nature – in the most embracing catalytic way possible.

Christine Ren


Hi beautiful, my name is Luna.

I specialize in helping women reclaim and thrive through their deepest pleasure and power, and heal from sexual trauma and conditioning.

I support revolutionary leaders to maximize their creativity through their sensuality and feminine essence.

I also guide people in the processes of alchemizing:

  • sexual shame, fear and insecurity into orgasmic pleasure
  • patterns of disconnection into profound intimacy with self and others
  • trauma into a life built upon trust, passion, play and authenticity
  • challenging symptoms in the menstrual cycle into gateways for profound self-development, somatic healing, relational health and spiritual awakening

I playfully bridge the worlds of science and spirituality by merging knowledge of modern neurobiology with ancient Tantric and Taoist tools, embodied breathwork, and pleasure practices.

With this skillset, I efficiently guide people in the process of actively integrating and rewriting their entire embodied belief system and experience of reality.

My Professional Training:

  • I am currently in the final stages of completing my VITA certified Transformational Sex, Love and Relationship Master Coach training with the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality. 

  • I have a Bachelors degree in Yoga, Traditional Eastern Arts, and the Psychology of Health and Healing from Naropa University.

  • I have over 1,800hours of teacher training in Tantra and Hatha Yoga, accrued over seven years of intensive study.

  • I completed three years as an apprentice of Five Element Chinese Medicine, a 3,000+year old Taoist-tantric system that views human beings as dynamic embodiments uniquely composed of the elements in nature.

  • I am a trained Menstrual Cycle Awareness educator. I studied and worked extensively with Ally Rugge, MCA and Emotional Health Facilitator. She is the Founder of Menstrala School and co-creatress of the MCA approach: Phasic Ritual Method.

  • I have had the pleasure of working and learning directly with one of the best global sexuality experts, Layla Martin.


  • I have extensive experience in relationship alchemy and structure exploration, ancestry reconciliation, shamanic journeywork, soul retrieval and ceremonial medicine work.

I am madly in love with my art, free verse poetry. I also adore alpine mountains, tropical jungles and wide-open ocean more than I could ever put to words. Writing and nature have been my deepest musings and inspiration since I was a child.

I am devoted to a trauma-informed, life-long practice of anti-racism, LGBTQ allyship and feminism. I am passionate about the dismantling of oppressive systems from our genetic makeup and the depths of our nervous systems, so we may begin to take action towards a future where every human being is honored in their fundamnetal rights to exist, and supported by all social systems to thrive. 

I also consider myself a professional play-mistress and goof-master. I deeply believe that the greatest gift we can ultimately offer the world is true, genuine, authentic joy. So self-declared degree signed by me. Bam.

~ Luna Leona

Work with me in

Queen Keys

This 1-on-1 package is for or the Queens, revolutionaries, soul-driven business owners, corporate witches, world-changers, spiritual alchemists, abundant artists and unleashed entrepreneurs standing for a new world of not only external harmony, but internal connection, rapture and fulfillment.

This is the no-going-back, highest-level, life-transforming, soul-quenching coaching container where you’ll claim:

  • true leadership from your body’s wisdom, feminine essence and sensuality
  • the unshakable love in your center
  • the healing compass of your sensations
  • the art of personal alchemy
  • the sex of your human wholeness and your spiritual nature

The Sexually Reclaimed Womxn

In this e-book, you’ll discover…

  • The underlying historical reasons women feel afraid, disconnected and resistant to embodying their full sexual power and pleasure
  • Why working with your sexuality can be the key to experiencing grounded, expansive liberation that’s unique to YOU.
  • How to begin building an integrated relationship with your emotions, sensations and experiences so you can truly thrive.
  • Practices to experience epic orgasms. No matter whether you’ve never had an orgasm before, or you already have the most exquisite, delicious orgasms and just want to have an even richer experience – I’ve got you.

Coaching with Luna was beyond anything that I could have hoped for. She has an intuitive lasering ability like I’ve never experienced before – not only with seeing what my needs and desires are, but getting quickly to the core and working from the deepest levels of healing.

Through our sessions, I was able to bring awareness to new pieces of my body and mind that I was unaware of. She held me in a very loving way and gave me simple and effective tools to carry forward in my life. I left each session feeling alive, inspired, charged and empowered. She is, by far, one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with!

Ra'Kaia Mitchell

Luna is a born leader. In her abilities to listen and reflect so deeply, I’ve been gifted profound and needed breakthroughs. She offers the kind of “Aha” moments you furiously scribble in your journal, and that you align with months later as a source of grounding and freedom from conditioning.

Luna is a force of nature with the power, beauty and potency our world is in desperate need of. She is a key for us all to experience the paradigm shift of stepping into our innate radiance, sexiness and pleasure. I guarantee you will be on fire, turned-on and activated by Luna’s confidence, love, strength and silliness.

Tyler Lewis

I joke that Luna has been like a ‘life’ coach – until I worked with her I didn’t realize how our sexual energy and pleasure affect and give life to everything else in our lives.

The sessions and practices combined gave me the tools for quite literally any obstacle, trial or trauma that came up in my life. Each one of my goals with the coaching were met and exceeded. I feel a deep connection with myself and my body like I haven’t ever felt before. I am able to experience pleasure and orgasm through penetration. I am now so confident in myself and my ability to communicate in all areas of my life.

Luna’s love, extreme knowledge and passion for this work is clear every single second. I wish I had done this even sooner; but at the same time, the timing could not have been any more perfect.

McKenzie Rietberg

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