Hi beautiful, my name is Luna.

I am a soul-alignment, integrative sexuality and embodiment coach.

I help revolutionary leaders, therapists, spiritual teachers, entrepreneurs, artists and coaches embody complete soul-alignment, self-trust and sexual liberation.

I am an expert guide in the processes of alchemizing:

  • sexual trauma, shame and fear into orgasmic pleasure
  • disempowerment into untamed creativity, ease and bold leadership
  • self-sabotage and resistance into connection, clarity and ease

I am devoted to helping you build a body-led life where you both FEEL your potential actualized now, and are free to embrace your lifelong healing and awakening journey.

I playfully merge modern neurobiology with ancient Tantric tools, embodiment work, and pleasure practices.

With this skillset, and your readiness, we rewrite your entire experience of reality.

My Professional Training:

  • I am currently in the final stages of completing my VITA certified Transformational Sex, Love and Relationship Master Coach training with the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality. 

  • I have a Bachelors degree in Yoga, Traditional Eastern Arts, and the Psychology of Health and Healing from Naropa University.

  • I have over 1,800hours of teacher training in Tantra and Hatha Yoga, accrued over seven years of intensive study.

  • I completed three years as an apprentice of Five Element Chinese Medicine, a 3,000+year old Taoist-tantric system that views human beings as dynamic embodiments uniquely composed of the elements in nature.

  • I am a trained Menstrual Cycle Awareness educator. I studied and worked extensively with Ally Rugge, MCA and Emotional Health Facilitator. She is the Founder of Menstrala School and co-creatress of the MCA approach: Phasic Ritual Method.

  • I have had the pleasure of working and learning directly with one of the best global sexuality experts, Layla Martin.


  • I have extensive experience in relationship alchemy and structure exploration, ancestry reconciliation, shamanic journeywork, soul retrieval and ceremonial medicine work.

I am madly in love with my art, free verse poetry. I also adore alpine mountains, tropical jungles and wide-open ocean more than I could ever put to words. Writing and nature have been my deepest musings and inspiration since I was a child.

I am devoted to a trauma-informed, life-long practice of anti-racism, LGBTQ allyship and feminism. I am passionate about dismantling oppressive systems from our genetic makeup and the depths of our nervous systems, so we may begin to take action towards a future where every human being is honored in their fundamnetal rights to exist, and be supported to thrive.

I also consider myself a professional play-mistress and goof-master. I deeply believe that the greatest gift we can ultimately offer the world is true, genuine, authentic joy. So self-declared degree signed by me. Bam.

~ Luna Leona


Connection to your soul, sensuality and true desire is the key to actualize your potential and fulfill your purpose. 

  • Every emotion, sensation and thought propels us toward realization of our inherent wholeness.
  • Sexuality is our most foundational creative force, and a vital window into sacred authenticity and thriving.
  • Embodiment is integrative healing. It involves restoring love, pleasure and liberation where there was long-held tension, trauma and emotion stored within the body.
  • Every human being is worthy of living in orgasmic alignment with soul, leadership and abundance.
  • Erotic integration and emotional intelligence are necessary for sustainable planetary evolution and harmony.