Hi beautiful, my name is Luna.

I’m the Founder of Orgasmic Soul Alignment Method. I help leaders, coaches, teachers, therapists, and artists embody complete soul-alignment, sexual liberation, emotional empowerment and creativity.

I’ve spent years refining my methodology to help you alchemize trauma, resistance, self-sabotage and emotional disempowerment…

and lift you into total alignment and embodied liberation.

I am devoted to helping you build a body-led life where you both FEEL your potential actualized now, and are free to embrace your lifelong healing and awakening journey.

I playfully merge modern neurobiology with ancient Tantric tools and embodiment work. With this skillset, and your readiness, we rewrite your entire experience of reality.

My Mission and Manifesto:

To witness womxn across the globe in embodied communion with their intrinsic divinity and emboldened leadership, living as their own permission slip for soulful creative and sexual expression, and emanating true wealth.

To create a new standard for humanity to look beneath the surface of our intra-personal relationship as the foundation for collective sustainable evolution and equality.

To pave the way for greater alignment, integrity and empowerment within the coaching and self-development industry; to establish relationships that genuinely empower all individuals to remember and embody their own soul.

Cheers to the revolutionaries, the wild ones, the femme rebels with soft hearts and piercing vision.

My Professional Training:

  • I am a trauma-informed, VITA certified Transformational Sex, Love and Relationship Master Coach with the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality. I am also a VITA certified Jade Egg Coach.

  • I have a Bachelors degree in Yoga, Traditional Eastern Arts, and the Psychology of Health and Healing from Naropa University. I focused heavily on the intersection of Tantra, neurobiology and trauma therapy. 

  • I have over 1,800 hours of teacher training in Tantra and Hatha Yoga, accrued over eight years of intensive study.

  • I completed three years as an apprentice of Five Element Chinese Medicine, a 3,000+year old Taoist-tantric system that views human beings as dynamic embodiments uniquely composed of the elements in nature.

  • I am a trained Menstrual Cycle Awareness educator. I studied and worked extensively with Ally Rugge, MCA and Emotional Health Facilitator. She is the Founder of Menstrala School and co-creatress of the MCA approach: Phasic Ritual Method.

  • I have had the pleasure of working and learning directly with one of the best global sexuality experts, Layla Martin.


  • I have extensive experience in relationship alchemy and structure exploration, ancestry reconciliation, shamanic journeywork, soul retrieval and ceremonial medicine work.

My art has always been bridging perspectives through writing. Nature and wildlife have been my deepest musings and inspiration since I was a child. I adore alpine mountains, tropical jungles and wide-open ocean more than I could ever put to words.

I am devoted to a trauma-informed, life-long practice of anti-racism, LGBTQ allyship, and feminism. I am passionate about dismantling oppressive systems from our genetic makeup and the depths of our nervous systems, so we may begin to take action towards a future where every human being is honored in their fundamnetal rights to exist, and be supported to thrive.

I also consider myself a professional play-mistress and goof-master. I deeply believe that the greatest gift we can ultimately offer the world is true, genuine, authentic joy. So self-declared degree signed by me. Bam.

~ Luna Leona

My Philosophy

Connection to your soul, sensuality and true desire is the key to actualize your potential and fulfill your purpose. 

  • Every emotion, sensation and thought propels us toward realization of our inherent wholeness.
  • Sexuality is our most foundational creative force, and a vital window into sacred authenticity and thriving.
  • Embodiment is integrative healing. It involves restoring love, pleasure and liberation where there was long-held tension, trauma and emotion stored within the body.
  • Every human being is worthy of living in orgasmic alignment with soul, leadership and abundance.
  • Erotic integration and emotional intelligence are necessary for sustainable planetary evolution and harmony.