Experience your essence liberated,

within and beyond resistance.

In this masterclass series, you will:

  • Revolutionize your relationship with resistance, shadow, constructs and discomfort to experience true wholeness and fulfillment now
  • Learn why resistance really arises, and the powerful opportunity that awaits you
  • Explore inner culture transformation to live in alignment with your soul
  • Discover the many faces of resistance, and how to discern the difference between resistance and your authentic boundaries
  • Receive a proven step-by-step guide to alchemize resistance anytime it arises

Rare is the revolutionary who meets resistance and self-sabotage with trust, curiosity and love.

Now, what many people don’t realize is that the moment resistance arises is a moment of pure opportunity.

Not to push through. Not to wage war. Not to hyper-analyze what might be wrong. Not to drop to your knees…

It’s an opportunity to come home to yourself, your truth, and the present moment.

I know — as epic as this sounds, you’re probably thinking, “Fucking fabulous. But HOW?”

In this long-requested and sought after masterclass series, you’ll experience life-changing transmissions based in both science and spirituality, so you can transform your entire experience of resistance, self-sabotage, triggers, “shadows”…

and hence, activate the power of your choice, desire and authenticity in every area of your life.

What’s inside:

Training 1: Resistance and Soulful Rapture

Training 2: Identifying the Faces of Resistance

Training 3: Resistance Alchemy Step-by-Step Proven Practice

Get permanent access to the series!

What people are saying…

My life is forever changed. And the most amazing part is for the first time I didn’t feel afraid that I wouldn’t be able to integrate the changes… because you actually connected me with me. And damn, I’ve got this.


Holy wow. This was the best way to make the mind-body connection of how my resistance can actually be SUPPORTIVE of my end goal.


Never (before today!) have I been able to stay in my body and listen to my soul without judgement. Luna made it so easy to drop into compassion and connection with self. It became clear that what I need really is inside me and isn’t hard to reach with a bit of guidance.


I wish every person I know and worked with would take this class. Pure gold.


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