A Virtual Masterclass to Embrace the Art of Growing Through Grief

  • Learn to live in full trust, openness and power by embracing the true gifts of grief


  • Immerse in the art of grieving as a way to cleanse, renew, rebirth and come into deeper alignment with your soul and purpose


  • Establish an inner sense of safety and sacredness to openly relate with emotions as they arise in your body

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So, my love, you’ve landed here for a reason. Let me tell you a bit about what you’re likely craving that this masterclass will satisfy…

  • You desire to gently expand your capacity to feel safe and stable even within the unpredictable waves of grief — whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, or a relationship, goal, belief, identity, trust, etc.
  • You crave to feel true, whole-bodied liberation. You want to choose your relationship with death and change because this governs your capacity to live a vibrant, meaningful and authentic life.
  • You want to learn specific rituals to move through grief portals and monumental transitions in your life.
  • You crave to use grief as an empowering initiation that connects and aligns you with the cycles of life, death and rebirth.
  • You desire to alchemize the ways in which you dissociate, avoid or altogether deny the reality of death, loss and transience.
  • You want to bust counterproductive cultural myths and release your blocks around grief.
  • You yearn to honor the grief of others, in real time, without losing your own boundaries and kicking into empathic overdrive.
  • You want to know how to move and release grief when it gets stuck in your body through somatic practices and positions.
  • You want to embrace the natural flow of all emotions, and experience pleasure in the present moment.

We live in a culture that suppresses grief and deems the very feeling and expression of grief inappropriate, embarrassing and shameful.

And yet, we can’t live fully if we do not know how to grieve.

Grief strips us of our illusions and meaningless pursuits, and challenges us to re-assess what truly matters in our lives. It unites us with the greater fabric of all life, and simultaneously accentuates the meaning of individuality.

Now, I personally know the yearning in your bones to not only “deal with” your feels, but to thrive in a way you intuitively know is only possible through genuine, heart-centered intimacy with emotion (and life) itself.

This very craving led me to spend the last decade studying and exploring the nature of emotional intelligence as an essential ingredient of:
  • Self-actualization
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Embodied leadership and soulful impact
  • A resilient sense of wholeness and fulfillment in all areas of life

Now, you don’t choose your feelings. They’re just part of being alive and human.

However, you DO choose how you feel about your feelings.

You choose how you relate to them as they arise within your everyday experience.

You choose whether you struggle against your inner emotional landscape; whether you avoid and suppress your emotions or indulgently react with them; whether you are disempowered or empowered, victimized or sovereign and skillful, dissociated or present.

And, while you have the power of choice, emotional intelligence and navigation are not skills we are taught in school or greater society.

I believe it is a global disservice that we aren’t educated about the deeper language and lexicon of our emotions. In my humble opinion, this lack of education is one of the main reasons our modern world is plagued with trauma, systematic and systemic oppression, and violence. 

It’s vastly more common to learn that many of our emotions are antithetical to our goals, counterproductive to happiness, dramatic and threatening to our intelligence. Many spiritual traditions also misguide us to perceive our emotions as fatal distractions and obstacles to self-realization. 

If you’ve received (or even currently subscribe to) any of these messages, you are far from alone…  

Emotions are the very energy of life moving through us moment-to-moment. Each emotion contributes to our greater evolution, spiritual awakening, fulfillment, wholeness, and capacity to embrace diversity.

So, I’m here to introduce a new paradigm where we embrace the full breadth of life available to us within the intelligence of our emotions.

This is a life-long journey to establish trust, power, love and safety within every emotion, and all dimensions of our human experience.

We can utilize emotion to:
  • Reflect and gather insight
  • Enhance our communication and cultivate authentic intimacy in our relationships
  • Integrate actionable change and transformation in any area of our lives
  • Fuel and inspire our greater purpose and passions
  • Live from a foundational sense of connection with ourselves

No matter your relationship status, gender orientation, sexual preferences, skin color, cultural background, gifts, mission or work in the world… transforming the way you relate with and experience emotion holds immeasurable value, and will catalyze shifts in every area of your life.

Just as each emotion literally feels different, each has its own specific message… Join us for this masterclass to embrace the art of growing through grief.


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Hi love, I’m Luna, host and creator of the Sovereign Vessel masterclasses.

I’m the Founder of Orgasmic Soul Alignment Method. I help leaders, therapists, spiritual teachers, artists and coaches embody complete soul-alignment, sexual liberation, emotional empowerment and creativity.

I’ve spent years refining my methodology to help you alchemize trauma, resistance, self-sabotage and emotional disempowerment…
and lift you into total alignment with who you really are, full sexual and creative liberation, and radical empowerment with your emotions and body.

I am devoted to helping you build a body-led life where you both FEEL your potential actualized now, and are free to embrace your lifelong healing and awakening journey.

I playfully merge modern neurobiology with ancient Tantric tools and embodiment work.

With this skillset, and your readiness, we rewrite your entire experience of reality.

My art has always been bridging perspectives through writing. Nature and wildlife have been my deepest musings and inspiration since I was a child. I adore alpine mountains, tropical jungles and wide-open ocean more than I could ever put to words.

I am devoted to a trauma-informed, life-long practice of anti-racism, LGBTQ allyship, and feminism. I am passionate about dismantling oppressive systems from our genetic makeup and the depths of our nervous systems, so we may begin to take action towards a future where every human being is honored in their fundamnetal rights to exist, and be supported to thrive.

I consider myself a professional play-mistress and goof-master. I deeply believe that the greatest gift we can ultimately offer the world is true, genuine, authentic joy. So self-declared degree signed by me. Bam.


Let’s dive into some epic MAGIC together.

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