A pleasure ritual initiation

into the magic of your body and soul

Now a powerful self-paced bundle

Let’s get one thing straight right here and now:

True, wild, life-altering pleasure is the embodiment and expression of your soul.

The golden age of affirmations and mental masturbation is coming to a close, freshly eclipsed by an ancient power vested in you –

to feel it all, to be it all, to have it all…

in the name of decadence.

Consider this your signed-sealed-kissed ‘n’ delivered inivitation into a journey where you {re}discover the Wonderland that winds from between your thighs through every valley, mountain, cave and cavern of your body and soul.

In Decadence,

you will embody permission to:

  • be complete learning monogamously from challenge and pain.
  • let pleasure co-exist with all experience and emotion as it flows through you.
  • become the rapture you were born for, right here and now.
  • BE the embodied, orgasmic expression of your soul – every day.

My love, your most liberated, pleasure-filled life is waiting – craving – for you to say yes.

It’s NOT on the “other side” of a block, your circumstance, yet another training, or mental revelation.

It’s within the permission you haven’t fully given yourself, yet.

To truly LIVE as a soulful, rapturous womxn may sound simple, but this is what the witches were burned for. This is the deep priestess wisdom that now sirens you to the undergrounds, to remember.

This is the most revolutionary choice you can make, for YOU. And you aren’t alone.

The Decadence Flow

How it works:

Upon enrollment, you receive immediate forever-access to the Decadence course portal. The content is delivered to you via recorded {previously live} pleasure ritual experiences, trainings and in-depth audio practices.

Decadence Training

A few of the many topics we explore in this training include:

  • Establishing a new inner culture where all emotions and experiences co-exist with pleasure
  • Uniting soul {the sacred essence of who you really are} with your wild sexuality
  • How to alchemize goal orientation and create new pleasure pathways in your nervous system
  • Embracing a full-bodied, multi-dimensional and sustainable experience of decadence — in and out of the bedroom

Pleasure Rituals:

1) Invoking Your Pleasure Initiatrix

2) Pleasure for the Sacred Sake of it

3) Sex x Soul Magic: Your Actualization Embodied

And, extra magic that’s included:

  • Luna Leona signature practice: Alchemy & Alignment Flow™
  • Powerful trainings with in-depth explorations about: the mind-body-soul connection, the felt-sense and four essential tools of embodiment, components of ritual, and holistic maps of the body’s energy systems
  • Resourcing tools and essentials to support lasting transformation in your nervous system

Now my love, I know you’re a Queen of personal development. You’ve put in your time, and you’ve realized that you can’t create a new reality *and FEEL it every day* with your mind.

The journey to decadent, rapturous living is one where you embody all of you.

Not just the parts of you that you think are “good” or pretty or appropriate…

but the parts of you with a wilder intelligence – the kind that chafes against what you thought was “right” and ok to feel, and hence points you to a far greater humanity and divinity inside.

The truth is this: pleasure is available to you no matter what you are feeling or doing.

Because true pleasure is so much more than the absence of discomfort. It’s so much deeper than just “feeling good”.

It is ecstatic, erotic, creative.

It lives in cold hands clasping a warm tea cup, and feet touching dewy morning grass.

It blooms when you finally give presence to your shame, when you give grief permission to flow through you, when you let rage infuse your bones with courage after generations of obedience.

For you, Queen – I stand for nothing less than true pleasure. With many years of training and experience, I stand rooted at the delicious intersection of science, sacred sexuality and soul.

And this I know:

When you take desire, presence and permission into your body, and bring pleasure online…

You communicate directly to your unconscious {the primal brain and nervous system} that it is safe, accessible and even enjoyable to become the rapturous, authentic soul you are made to be.

This is life changing because your unconscious is the storehouse for your ancestry; for generations of conditioning and experience…

You know that feeling of some mysterious force within you resisting, sabotaging or afraid of what you desire most?

It isn’t some metaphorical monster under your bed. This force is simply your beautiful body, still trying to protect you from what was unsafe in generations past…

rather than truly living in the present.

“You have many names, my love…

I will call you a Priestess to validate your authority over your own spiritual journey. A Priestess looks within for direction and listens to the whispers, whimpers and guttural groans of her inner wise woman. She bows to no one except her own raw soul…

I will call you a Witch to affirm your birthright as a holy healer, to vindicate those socially rejected women who were hunted – who still are hunted in many parts of the world – in the name of not only patriarchy but also institutionalized racism, classism, and persistent imperialism. I will call you Witch to give a fierce nod to our stolen feminine spirituality and give your wisdom a real name.

– Danielle Dulsky 

Investment Options

** A note on gender inclusivity **

Decadence is an expansive and inclusive space to all women with pussies.

I’ve created Decadence with women and humans socialized female in mind, regardless of gender identity or gender expression.

Because Decadence is composed of experiences that were recorded live, please be aware that to efficiently cue practices in real-time, I use feminine pronouns and language like: women, queen, pussy, vulva, womb, ovaries, breasts, etc.

Please know this languaging is not intended to be a reflection of my standards for inclusivity, but is important for the power and effectiveness of live experiences.

If you have any questions or curiosities about this, please contact me here.

The A’s to Your Q’s:

What does a Pleasure Ritual entail? Does it involve self-pleasure? How is it different from masturbation?

In essence, Pleasure Rituals are a journey into the wild terrain of your body, breath, self-touch, energetic alchemy and expression.

I’ve been creating custom live pleasure ritual experiences for 1:1 clients for several years. So, each Pleasure Ritual will be led with deep awareness of the specific womxn in the Decadence space.

I facilitate with a deep emphasis on embodied consent, so you will be invited to bring the erotic online and self-pleasure, but it will never be required.

The Pleasure Rituals are very different than regular masturbation because they combine tantric embodiment work, presence {without the ulterior motive of ‘getting off’}, intention, breath, movement, and a whole new relationship with your sexual energy.

Decadence is NOT about trendy masturbation techniques, fantasy or pornographic ideals of pleasure. It’s about recovering deep connection with the sanctity of your sexuality, body and soul.

Is Decadence for me if I have unprocessed sexual trauma?

Decadence is curated for womxn who have experience {or are ready and willing} to hold themselves through the release of stagnancy, contraction and trauma that organically arises when we give permission to our true pleasure and embodiment.

I am a trained trauma-informed facilitator — you will be provided extensive Resourcing tools, a thorough introduction to breathwork, as well as grounding practices to help you ensure you are anchored in safety throughout each step of your journey.

With that said, I do not recommend Decadence if you have absolutely no experience in embodiment work, sexuality, or trauma. I also don’t recommend Decadence if you feel triggered by the idea of being guided in live self-pleasure experiences.

If you have unprocessed trauma, but are deeply called to Decadence, you are the only one who can make this call for yourself. If you choose to join us, I highly recommend you work with a trauma specialist or seek 1:1 support with a trauma-informed guide to compliment your journey.

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