A Virtual Masterclass to Harness the Intelligence and Medicine of Anger

  • Understand, trust and enrich your life with the deep intelligence and gifts of anger


  • Learn to direct the “fire” of anger in a way that’s truly productive, cultivates intimacy and supports evolution in your relationships


  • Establish an inner sense of safety and sacredness to openly relate with emotions as they arise in your body

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So, my love, you’ve landed here for a reason. Let me tell you a bit about what you’re likely craving that this masterclass will satisfy…

  • You desire to become a master of setting boundaries, self-protection, discernment and resilience.
  • You want to bust counterproductive cultural myths and release your blocks around anger and rage because, well… you want to feel empowered and sovereign AF, and just know you can trust these emotions every time they arise.
  • You want to know exactly what to do when anger arises within you or another person.
  • You crave to understand the effects of repressing anger, as well as reactively expressing it, and how to skillfully use your anger to fortify your sense of self, and create an environment of sacredness, safety and connection.
  • You want to be able to catch when spiritual bypassing and gaslighting are happening, within yourself or others.
  • You yearn to honor the anger of others, in real time, without losing your own boundaries and kicking into empathic overdrive.
  • You crave to use the presence of anger to cultivate intimacy, cut through projections, and truly evolve in your relationships.
  • You want to know how to discern when anger is arising from and for the present moment, a past wound, or a combination of both.
  • You want to know how to move and release anger when it gets stuck in your body through somatic practices and positions.
  • You desire to become well-versed in the specific reasons rage arises, and how to use it for the benefit of yourself and others.
  • You crave to resolve past traumas and experiences, with the help of authentic anger and rage.
  • You want to embrace the natural flow of all emotions, and experiencing pleasure through intimacy with any context.

I got my finger on the pulse, right? I know, because I’ve been there.

I know the yearning in your bones to not only “deal with” your feels, but to thrive in a way you intuitively know is only possible through genuine, heart-centered intimacy with emotion (and life) itself.

This very craving led me to spend the last decade studying and exploring the nature of emotional intelligence as an essential ingredient of self-actualization, spiritual awakening, embodied leadership, soulful impact, and a resilient sense of wholeness and fulfillment in all areas of life. 

Now, here’s the thing: you don’t choose your feelings. They’re just part of being alive and human.

However, you DO choose how you feel about your feelings.

You choose how you relate to them as they arise within your everyday experience.

You choose whether you struggle against your inner emotional landscape; whether you avoid and suppress your emotions or indulgently react with them; whether you are disempowered or empowered, victimized or sovereign, dissociated or intimate, melodramatic or skillful and precise.

And, while you have the power of choice, emotional intelligence and navigation are not skills we are taught in school or greater society.

I believe it’s one of the monumental global disservices that we aren’t educated about the deeper language and lexicon of our emotions. This simple fact is, in my humble opinion, one of the main reasons our modern world is plagued with trauma, systematic and systemic oppression, and violence. 

It’s vastly more common to learn that our emotions are antithetical to our goals, counterproductive to happiness, dramatic, threatening to our intelligence, and fatal distractions within what would otherwise be the pristine clarity of consciousness itself.

If you’ve received (or even currently subscribe to) any of these messages, you are far from alone. 

We’ve by and large lost touch with emotions as elements of intrinsic wisdom built in to our human experience for the greater purposes of integrative evolution, spiritual awakening, embracing diversity, and experiencing fulfillment and wholeness. 

Our simple human capacity to feel – both our internal landscapes and that of our external environments – diminishes the more we refuse to “go there”; to trust in and have first-hand experiences of the natural intelligence that flows through us.

So, I’m here to introduce a new paradigm: a new way of living that embraces the full breadth of life available through and within our emotions… a way that encodes and calibrates trust, power, love and safety within all dimensions of our human experiences. 

The “work” to establish a deep relationship with our emotions that’s genuinely skillful and supportive is not a one-and-done task. It’s a lifelong journey, one tide and breath at a time. 

As we cease the internal war with our emotions, thoughts, sensations and experiences, we can free up a wealth of vital energy. This is imperative to living fully, whole-ly and holy.

Emotions are far from pointless or random. They are the very energetic current of life itself moving through and animating us moment to moment. And just as each emotion literally feels different, each has its own specific message – meant to invoke reflection, insight, action, communication or transformation.

One of the greatest myths that prevents humanity from evolving through the body – the arena of integration and fulfillment – is that we will forever drown in unpleasant emotions if we give ourselves permission to feel them at all.

Yet, as the poignant saying goes, “You can’t step into the same river twice.”

When we allow our emotions to move through, guide and teach us, we will never have an identical experience of any emotion twice.

We can utilize any emotion to cultivate intimacy in our relationships, fuel and inspire our greater purpose and passions in the world, and live from a foundational sense of wholeness and connection with ourselves.

No matter your relationship status, gender orientation, sexual preferences, skin color, cultural background, gifts, mission or work in the world… transforming the way you relate with and experience emotion holds immeasurable value, and will catalyze shifts in every area of your life.

And so, we begin with anger. Because, it’s never been a more critical time to develop a toolkit to productively and skillfully utilize anger for the greater good, rather than greater destruction and violence.

Let’s reclaim anger as sexy. Sacred. Playful.

Safe. Inspiring. Empowering.



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Hi love, I’m Luna, host and creator of Sovereign Vessel.

I specialize in supporting revolutionary leaders to maximize their creativity, passions and lifestyle by channeling their sensuality, mastering relationship with their emotions, and living in alignment with the rhythm of their body.

I’m also devoted to helping women reclaim and thrive through their deepest pleasure and power, and heal from sexual trauma and conditioning.

I adore bridging the worlds of science and spirituality, by merging the knowledge of modern neurobiology with ancient Tantric and Taoist embodiment tools and pleasure practices.

I’m madly in love with my art, free verse poetry. I adore alpine mountains, tropical jungles and wide-open ocean more than I could ever put to words. Writing, nature and wildlife have been my deepest musings and inspiration since I was a child.

I also consider myself a professional play-mistress and goof-master. I deeply believe that the greatest gift we can ultimately offer the world is true, genuine, authentic joy. So self-declared degree signed by me. Bam.


Let’s dive into some f*ckin’ MAGIC together.

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