do you remember
the ravenous slut in the virgin
the purity and innocence in the whore
the sensually voluptuous in the starved girl
the empathy that ignites the emotionally sovereign womxn
the fear that lives befriended in the heroin
the creative chaos in the goddess
the grace of the mother who is student to her daughter?

do you remember
the intoxicating beauty in the womxn
who has walked straight through the fear
of her very nature
and found herself devoutly married
to her own mystery?
do you remember all the archetypes
that make up who you are?
do you live fighting some or them all
– like I did for so long –
or do you let them take turns
bringing life and healing through you?

when you undress
I pray you speak tales
of erotic romance
to your flesh, your home,
I pray you follow your body’s instinct to
reach up your own shirt in curiosity
to twirl your own skirt in play
to show more or less than they may deem acceptable now and then
purely for your own pleasure and adventure

I pray you let your body’s wild knowing
warm the room until she sweats
and wreaks of unshameable love
I pray you let the goddess open
the universe of her womb
and the virgin rest to touch all her sacred spaces
I pray you let the temptress
take her rightful place
dancing barefoot to invite souls
into the chamber of their healing,
into remembering
into celebration
into sovereignty.

I pray you live uncovering the paradox
that all her forms
– the whore, the virgin, the mother, the damsel,
the heroin, the daughter, the considerate, the wild,
all the forms of   W O M A N –
are alive at once,
flawless and unbreakable
in you, no matter your gender.
do you remember that the extent to which
you let them all breathe
is the extent to which you are free?