choose: growth or comfort?
wait, what the fuck?
I’ve read this so many times
and all I can say is
these are not mutually exclusive –
nothing truly is.

the inquiry of
growth OR comfort –
is such a deep reflection
of the black and white perspectives of our culture
that were meant to keep us feeling more
in control and safe from the unknown,
but ironically dislocate our ability
to see, to trust
in the growing and gentle seasons
of life and death
for these hold
radiant, mysterious color..

yes, certain kinds of growth
begin when you breathe the fresh air at the edge
of your comfort zone,
but not all is what you expect –
some of the most integrated, sustainable
waits for the gentle touch of rest,
openness and ease
especially when the wounds being alchemized
are enveloped in effort and anxiety –
then, nothing will help them unwind and re-pattern
like expanding the edges of your ‘normal’ state
with deep, riveting, revolutionary
surrender and trust
in your process,
in the very perfection
of their being within you.

want to know a not-so-secret secret?
true pleasure and joy
arrive fully from and through the roots of
a relaxed, comfortable nervous system,
even if their very arrival sends you
spinning with newness at first –
when invited and re-invited with
curiosity and openness
they grow you and your life
like a forest awakening out of winter
where every last blade of grass,
every wildflower, every tree, every creature
is passionately alive
with the fresh spark and dew and warmth
of sunrise.
the new version of pushing and seeking
is granting ourselves full permission to be dynamically alive,
and placing open-handed invitations at the fringe of curiosity..

growth and comfort.