when you let your body relive a memory,
– let the sensation of it ripple through you and recreate that time now –
you are accessing the heart of your creative power
the power that bridges times
and invokes your soul with the resilience
of countless lifetimes..
you crack open the portal of perceived time
and have the opportunity to drip the strength and humanity of this moment
into vulnerable moments in your soul’s history
and tangibly rewrite your experience
of the past and present.
feel the medicine you hold now
leaking into that moment you couldn’t hold then
and welcome yourself home..

this is what we often attempt to do
on therapy couches where childhood is
digested, witnessed and reconciled
in the presence of self and other..
but what many have forgotten
is the actual force that truly facilitates integrative healing —
mental masturbation has glass ceilings that prevent upright standing
but your body is an infinite storehouse
of memory and wisdom,
and so we must begin to remember our flesh
as our access point into genuine, continuous and
evolutionary healing
of all components of ourselves
past, present and future
as they all live here, now..

so as you curate your ability to hold yourself in the past and present
you generate the capacity to let the “future” versions of yourself
imbibe your present awareness
with the highest vision, purpose and thriving
that transcends time,
that simply is the totality of you..
go back, let new relationship with times past create
the sensation of justice, sovereignty and passion
in your experience now..
and then dream, envision, move,
sketch the heart of your desires,
but don’t do so with the deluded idea
that you have to propel yourself into another moment..
live all the sensation NOW in your BODY
this is how we resurrect parts of ourselves that fled,
and create from a place of relentless abundance
knowing there’s no where to arrive to
that we don’t already have encoded
into the web of our existence