‘the graveyards are full
of all the womxn I used to be’

so too, the stakes are stained
with my blood
from the not so distant, living past

so too, the old temples are painted
with depictions of my beauty
bringing the gods to their knees

so too, the soil under your feet
is rich with my ashes

so too, those dungeons you visit on your historical adventures
have my golden hair tangled in the spider webs
in the nooks behind the unlit torches on the wall

so too, the earths heart
is branded with the souls
of her daughters
who have risen again
to speak for her creation,
to live her pleasure,
to kiss all your darkness
and see all your light,
to grow roots from their wounds
and teach of righteous wholeness,
nature’s magic
and the light of raw human truth at midnight,
to ferociously create
a new dawn
where what those tortured and blind hearts
deemed insane
is now the very healing sanity
we begin to live..

those graveyards are full
of empty graves,
for now they walk beside you
where you least expect them
they walk gently but powerfully, sweetheart
they have come to show you
the gold of your wounds
and the alchemy you ache for
this their call:
          to heal and reconcile