Soul-Alignment, Unleashed Artistry,

Integrative Sexuality and Embodied Leadership

Mystery School

Okay wildcard, this is what I know about you:

You are ready to anchor into the raw, unfiltered, unshamable truth of who you are, and lead others to do the same.

You desire to be so connected with yourself and your soul’s work that you live dripping with trust, worthiness, turn-on, passion and abundance.

You want to not only do all the real shit you came here to, but also FEEL your successes and live a life of sacred ritual, abundance, freedom and play.

You are ready to become a master of creative flow, wound alchemy, aligned productivity and surrendered rest.

You want to not only know what you truly desire, but how to actually have it all: how to alchemize resistance, counterproductive habits and self-sabotage that stand between you and everything you want most.

You crave to be living proof that it’s possible to both strive towards goals and be exquisitely present with every step of your journey… to both hold yourself as a true master of your craft, and as a life-long learner.

You want your self-development to mirror your creative and work development… you want to liberate yourself and your business from limitations that hold you back from making the profound impact you came here to.

You desire to reclaim the sanctity of your sexuality and femme essence, and know how to use this vital inner force to fuel anything you desire in your life.

You crave to create effortlessly from your true genius, harmonize your masculine and feminine productivity, and invoke pleasure into abso-fucking-lutely everything.

And my love, your biggest challenge is the how. You’re crystal clear that you want all of these things, but I can bet you’ve walked away from all kinds of therapy, trainings and courses still wondering how the heck you can integrate, sustain and actually enjoy transformation.

Now I can also bet you’ve been endlessly frustrated by the reality that the tools and teachings you’re looking for are not easy to come by, even though you have a feeling that getting all that you desire can, somehow, be easy

Because you’re a badass that knows how to put your money and impact where your mouth is. You just need the right tools.

Now, I know that you’ve been stoking the coals of revolution. You’ve helped people rediscover themselves and transform again and again – maybe through art, writing, coaching, teaching, healing… You’ve taken tons of courses. Run the shit out of your life. Walked your talk in every way you know how.

You’re on the verge of putting all your eggs in the damn basket because you can’t not be who you really are, and do what you came here to do. You’ve tried holding back, and you know that’s far more painful than moving through all the fear and vulnerability of really showing up.

You want to take life flirtatiously by the lapels. To drench yourself in the magic. To let your soul seduce you into full-on thriving, radiance and actualization.

I sovereignly swear that I’m ready to live and lead from the core of who I am.

Now, lemme tell you what I know – right off the bat – is likely holding you back…

You have no idea how to both be enchanted in presence now AND orgasmically pursue your goals and desires.

You’re afraid to admit that you feel a bit haunted by a “better version” of you… one that you perceive to be somewhere “out there” in the future… one who you feel you will finally become after you do enough self-development, go to more trainings, find the relationship, or your work becomes more successful.

You “know better”, but you still don’t fully trust your body, your emotions, or the natural rhythm of your evolution and creativity…

Because of this, you tend to approach your self-care and development with a dose of judgment and force… You might not believe in fix-it approaches, but you still feel the impulse to fix something inside.

It’s hard to know when to give yourself permission to slow down, and sometimes it’s even harder to ignite productivity in a way that doesn’t burn you out. And… oh man, if you’re really honest with yourself, you might even spend more energy trying to figure out what you “should” do each day than doing anything that’s aligned at all.

You notice that no matter how good things seem to get, you still find yourself in inner battles with resistance, self-sabotage, fear around your self-expression, and creative blocks.

These inner forces seem to be drawn {like moth to flame} to the beauty in your life, and the power in you… and so, you always feel a bit wary and hesitant to let yourself fully FEEL the best pieces of your life.

And babe, I know what it’s like to be ultra-self-aware, have countless healing tools, and be overflowing with wisdom… and yet, to struggle and feel subtly defeated by some of the most human patterns, fears and insecurities.

I’m gonna be really straight with you –

There comes a point where your soul {who you really are} is in a rusted cage with the door wide open.

And, for the sake of boldness and wild truth I’ll even say this:

It’s impossible to cage the infinite power of a soul and lock the door from the outside. You’re not locked in.

The calling of your soul is always more powerful than any conscious or subconscious conditioning, ancestral wounding, patterns, limiting beliefs and past experiences.

Who you REALLY are – your soul – remains unbroken no matter how many times your heart shatters. Your soul remains immersed in truth and knowing no matter how confused and tormented you may feel. Your soul is resilient as fuck through initiations, mistakes, failures and controversy. Your soul knows how to unleash your most meaningful creativity in the world, no matter what you’re going through in your personal life…

It seduces you into what is real; into what contains meaning… into joy, connection, actualization and fulfillment that can be truly tasted, refined,  felt, lived

The seduction of truly knowing ourselves and living in blazing authenticity will always tempt us into the wilds no matter how much we try to remain tamed, colonized and in control.

So, my wildcards, witches, revolutionaries, rebellious ones… you want to actually integrate the abundance awakenings and soul-level transformations in your body? You want the real-deal lasting results and revelations?

Then you have to learn the art of soul-alignment and embodied leadership.

Embodied self-leadership is the key to living in alignment with your soul, the essence of who you are and all you’re meant to be in the world every single day…

It’s the key to whole body, whole heart, whole soul healing… thriving… radiance… rewilding… sexual empowerment… spiritual and worldly actualization…

As you can tell, this isn’t another leadership or business course that gives you 10 steps to success or fulfillment. Because the same 10 steps for everyone completely misses the point of our unique genius and life perspective. Don’t worry, you’ll get all the steps and templates you need…

But the steps alone don’t contain the soul-level, life-altering, body-integrated, orgasmic transformation that I know you’re really after.

Now, for the luscious details of what we’ll be diving into together…

Each intensive of this mastermind membership will align with a theme or topic. Each intensive will be roughly a month.

All content is subject to change and evolve with us, as I’m committed to offering the transmissions that are most desired and needed by the group.


Intensive 1: Alchemy and Alignment

  • Body—Mind—Soul circuitry and integration
  • Learn to alchemize energy, emotion, thoughts, memories and resistance to encode true empowerment and vitality in your body
  • Understand trauma in the body and how to reclaim your life and desires now
  • Explore the essentials for embodiment work, as well as integrating and sustaining transformation
  • Redefine productivity, and transform somatic and psychological blocks to maximizing your potential
  • Explore emotions as your gateway to wholeness, evolution and thriving
  • Align with and express your soul {who you really are} in all areas of your life

Intensive 2: Organic Soul Creation

  • Master the art of creating from soul and body, and curate a dynamic, ritual-rich life
  • Explore productivity informed by your body’s natural rhythm and feedback
  • Deconstruct fears and conditioning currently preventing you from surrendering to your soul’s guidance and true expression
  • Refine the art of balancing structure and flow, integrating work as play, and relating with time in an expansive way

Intensive 3: Consistency and Commitment

  • Learn the real reasons consistency with the work you care about most can be so challenging, and what to do about it
  • Rewrite your relationship with action and goals, so you can work towards your desires and experience fulfillment right now
  • Integrate vital keys to stop projecting your actualization into the future, and embody your true genius now

Intensive 4: Sacred Soul Seduction

  • Master the art of sacred seduction:
    • Being seduced by your own soul’s work, and
    • Owning your genius so shamelessly that you effortlessly seduce others into the gift of your offerings and transmissions
  • Learn practices and tools to channel your sensual and sexual energy to amplify the power, potency and integrity of your offerings
  • Discern empty seduction {materialism and capitalism} from sacred soul seduction, which honors and nurtures individual desire and sovereignty

Intensive 5: Pleasure and Prosperity

  • Rewild your way into abundance of money, meaning, ease, time, energy, love, pleasure, power… Embody all the codes.
  • Transform one of humanity’s deepest traumas involving money and colonization
  • Establish a radically trusting and orgasmic relationship with money, worthiness and abundance in all areas of your life

Intensive 6: Authentic Liberation and Leadership

  • Translate self-leadership into meaningful, embodied leadership of team, audience and community

Intensive 7 and Beyond

We’ll continue our deep-dive journey into more and more topics, such as: integrative sexuality, emotional intelligence, the nature of perception, relationships and transformational tantric philosophy.

** All intensives, especially Intensive 6, will be largely based on the group’s unique needs and desires. All content is subject to change accordingly. **

While you have full freedom to enter and exit the mystery school when you desire, the first six intensives will progressively deepen. Because of this, it’s highly recommended that you commit to complete at least the first six intensives {roughly 6 months}.

I sovereignly swear that I’m in for the REAL shit.

The logistics of what you’ll receive:

  • Monthly INTENSIVES: Life-changing transmissions on an ongoing basis, with full support to integrate and implement everything we cover. These will be in the form of recorded videos, live calls, audios, journal prompts and practices {there will typically be 1-3 live transmissions per month}.
  • Private access to the Treasured Transmissions Library: dozens of potent videos that are constantly requested, but are no longer available to the public.
  • Access to a growing library of practices, meditations and resources.
  • Direct connection with Luna and the community through the comments sections of each intensive.
  • By engaging in the portal, you get to co-create the direction of content and receive transmissions specifically targeted to YOUR deepest questions, challenges and desires.

Invaluable everything.

Tier 1:

just $98 per month, pay monthly


Tier 2:

If you join us quarterly, you’ll get an ongoing 15% off discount. That means you’ll get

3 full months for just $249.

You’ll ALSO receive the Wild Cycle Self-Study Bundle {usually $227}.


And, if you’re called into the deeper dimension of 1-on-1 work, you’ve got two epic VIP options… 

SPACES ARE LIMITED for these VIP options! So, don’t wait to claim your spot.


Tier 3:

You join quarterly for $249, and you get a single transformational 1-on-1 session every 3 months at a heavily discounted rate!

3 full months + a quarterly 1-on-1 session: $549

You’ll ALSO receive the Wild Cycle Self-Study Bundle {usually $227}.

Tier 4:

You join quarterly for $249, and you get a transformational 1-on-1 session every month at a heavily discounted rate {3 sessions total}.

3 full months + monthly 1-on-1 sessions: $1,149.

You’ll ALSO receive the Wild Cycle Self-Study Bundle {usually $227}.


** The investment for this membership will increase exponentially over time, so join now to secure these prices. **

If you have any questions, you can fill out the contact form below and I’ll be in touch directly via email.

About Luna

Hi beautiful.

I help revolutionary leaders, therapists, spiritual teachers, entrepreneurs, artists and coaches embody complete soul-alignment, self-trust and sexual liberation.

I am an expert guide in the processes of alchemizing:

  • sexual trauma, shame and fear into orgasmic pleasure
  • disempowerment into untamed creativity, ease and bold leadership
  • patterns of disconnection into profound intimacy with self and others

I am devoted to helping you build a ritual and body-led life where you both FEEL your potential actualized now, and are free to embrace your lifelong healing and awakening journey.

I playfully merge modern neurobiology with ancient Tantric tools, embodiment work, and pleasure practices.

With this skillset, and your readiness, we rewrite your entire experience of reality.


See more about my professional training and story here.

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