Embodied Soul Liberation for Revolutionary Leaders

What would change in your life if you saw every part of yourself through the eyes of the divine?

I’m talking about the Divine that drums the rhythm of every soul into existence, and pulses at the core of EVERY emotion, thought and experience.

I’m talking about the Sacred that beats within the parts of YOU that you have othered and exiled.

I’m talking about the Goddess that made your flesh for rapture.

I’m talking about the God that lives inside who you really are, and guides you in every moment you live as someone you are not.

What would your life look like if you saw through those eyes and felt with that body every day?

You would trust in your bones that the very humanity you thought you needed to transcend would deliver you in this moment to the sacred essence of who you really are, and what you are here to do.

Your artistry would be wildly enchanting.

Your pleasure would be radically embraced.

Your work would feel like decadent devotion.

Your leadership would be rebelliously natural.

This is Orgasmic Soul Alignment  ™.

My love, you are a revolutionary leader. You know you are here to bring a gift into this world that never before existed.

You’ve spent years doing countless trainings and courses. You’ve done mental gymnastics and all the yogi’s tricks. You know the comfy spot on the therapist’s couch…

Your life is deliciously colorful. And yet, you are called into a fresh, new landscape of unlimited expression and thriving.

You embrace the art of bravely designing your life in the way YOU want to live, and like every great revolutionary, you encounter edges, repetitive patterns and challenges within yourself that you have no idea how to shift.

You can sense a dimension of magic, mystery, divinity and soul so vast inside you… but when you’re honest with yourself, you don’t really know how to access it.

You don’t quite know what soul and god really FEEL like in your body; or what it’d truly be like to live, work, create and play from this place.

And babe, you know that to have it all, you’ve gotta feel it all… but your time is a resource you give with high-level discernment, and you just don’t have the time to get stuck in the feeling…

You crave to experience more than bodywork… more than emotional catharsis… more than mental transformation… more than fleeting glimpses of elevated consciousness and spiritual awakening…

Because it’s no longer enough to just “breathe out” what’s “not you”. It now feels empty to harshly judge old patterns as a means to “rise above” them, say “no” to the old thoughts, and force new affirmations and habits.

You are looking for the real-deal integration, embodiment and expression of ALL of you.

I hear the call…

So, after a decade of deep personal experience, countless professional trainings, and years of soul-led service…

I stand for the revolution of your remembering.

I call bullshit on the idea that there is ANY problem with your emotions, thoughts, resistance, identity and life experience.

Soul is the untouchable essence of who you really are; the unique expression of the divine through you. Your body is the channel. Your mind its loyal attendant.

I designed Quantum Soul Embodiment Method™ to systematically guide you into soul-remembrance and liberation.

This proven step-by-step system supports you to establish an inner environment and self-perception that no longer perpetuates internalized oppression, emotional disempowerment, repetitive patterns, resistance and self-sabotage.

Luna runs the revolution of falling in love with everything you thought was too scary or confusing inside yourself. She’s in the business of life transformation. And she does it with more play and softness than I’ve ever seen.

– Clara S.

What’s Inside:

I’ve designed this master course with unparalleled depth and integrative power because a new lifestyle can’t be forced or rushed. You get to live it.

You keep this course forever, because this path will evolve with you for a lifetime.

Now my love, you show up to this revolution, not because it’s “important work” or you think you “should”…

But because liberation is remembering who you are…

Because the part of you that knows you are already WHOLE still howls at midnight.

Because alignment is your essence.

Because this is far bigger than you and I.

But it starts here, with us.

I’ve never taken a course that changed my life like OSA. It’s impossible to describe the calling I felt to enroll and it’s even harder to put words to how grateful I am that I did. I’ve done dozens of trainings, but I had been missing the real point: the embodiment… the living… the PLAY. I can say that I owe being fully alive to OSA and to Luna… and of course to myself for choosing this path. I really will be walking it for the rest of my life.

– Joy W.

6 Gateways

How it Works:

Upon enrollment, you receive instant access to the course portal, Gateway 1 and Signature Practices. A new Gateway unlocks every 2 weeks, over the course of 3 months total.

You will be encouraged throughout your OSA journey to honor your own unique pace of learning and integration. You get forever access to all content.

“Luna leads you into your own Wonderland. There are no words to describe her capacity to guide you into total connection with yourself…”

– Steph L.

“The OSA fandom is real and growing because Luna is THE REAL DEAL. If you’re on the edge of your seat, all I can say is LEAP. You will never look back.”

– Leah M.

The Methodology

Quantum Soul Embodiment Method™, the basis for the OSA program, is a proven system designed to help you awaken to your intrinsic divinity, fulfillment, reality creatorship and orgasmic nature. Over the last seven years, I’ve distilled a wildly unique process into a powerful, proven science.

The purpose of this methodology is not to “get to” a singular end-result, but a revolutionized, rapturous lifestyle. And hence, this is not a linear process. QSEM is not a one-and-done fix-it approach… By now I know you are tired of that nonsense because the changes you make from discontent don’t last.

Each gateway of OSA is designed to take you through corresponding phases of the methodology:

Gateway 1:

Unify Body-Mind-Soul and Become the Alchemist

{correlates with Phase 1 of QSEM}

During this gateway, you learn embodiment techniques and tools to activate the potential within patterns of resistance, fear, doubt and discomfort. You’ll become a powerful alchemist who transforms perception and energy in a curious, playful way.

We explore tantric views, life-changing rituals and implement emotional navigation tools to build an empowering connection with all that you perceive blocks your capacity to be and embody your soul {who you really are and desire to be}.

Through building a fresh relationship with yourself, your beliefs, emotions, time and reality… you establish safety and trust as the “default” experience in your body, and a true foundation for your fullest expression.

Gateways 2 and 3:

Learn to Rest, Create, Work and Communicate From Soul

{correlates with Phase 2 of QSEM}

We dismantle perfectionism and accomplishment culture, so you are free to no longer value yourself based on inauthentic cultural constructs and expectations. You’ll learn refined tools to embody your unique soul, pleasure and potential every day, while you simultaneously pursue your desires from pleasure.

You’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of your soul’s unique artistry, and reclaim your genius within the parts of your creative process that you previously judged or deemed ‘wrong’.

We dive into the essential keys to create, live, relate and rest from the feminine and masculine facets of soul. You revolutionize your experience of consistency and anxious creating; and breathe fresh life into productivity, daily habits and spirituality.

Gatways 4 and 5:

Pleasure, Intimacy and Wealth Embodiment

{correlates to Phase 3 of QSEM}

In these gateways, you’ll learn how our collective history of colonization, patriarchy, misogyny and racism has impacted your unique sexuality and experience of money.

With a greater perspective in place, you’ll identify the “glass-ceilings” you have on your power, pleasure and abundance… and walk the pathway to liberate yourself from identification with intensity and suffering.

In and through the body, we awaken to sovereignty, safety, limitless wealth consciousness and our orgasmic nature.

Gateway 6

Legacy Leadership Integration

{correlates with Phase 4 of QSEM}

You’ll learn what it really means to have your own back, and claim your own throne. This phase is about trusting yourself to thrive, lead from your body, and hold your truth at the helm when shit hits the fan…

Because true legacy lives in the wholeness you embody, the aliveness you emanate, and the sensation you inspire.

You shed layers of outdated protection mechanisms, responsibility and power avoidance, and imposter syndrome so you can truly lead a life of orgasmic soul alignment™ with ease and trust.

Wow… I have never touched such a deep place in my heart. As someone who traveled in my brain, I can honestly say I have had no relationship with emotions, but as the tears came almost from the first second, I just knew I am right where I need to be. Not sure I have stopped crying – like a child learning how to walk. I know it’s only the beginning… I am so incredibly GRATEFUL and humbled to be here.

– David D.

About Luna

I help industry leaders, LGBTQ+ and gender expansive humans embody their essence, fulfillment, leadership, relational wisdom and sexual liberation.

I’m the founder of Quantum Soul Embodiment Method™.

I’ve spent years refining my methodology to help you alchemize internalized oppression, trauma, relationship patterns and emotional disempowerment… 

so you can feel fully fucking alive, pleasure-rich, embodied in your impact, and connected to your ability to design your experience of reality.

I’m devoted to helping you dissolve the perceived distance between you, as you are right now and all that you most yearn to be, do and have.


See more about me and my professional training here.

“Want to actually remember your soul? Luna is your ultimate wing-woman. You don’t want anything less than a queen who’s the master of her craft. And that she is.”

– Sharon A.

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