A Master Course for the Revolutionary Woman

Rediscover your menstrual cycle and pleasure as gateways
to a life of empowerment, sensuality, sexual liberation and ease

What if I told you that you already hold the keys to your personal freedom, self-love, power and pleasure?

I know there are a zillion people that say they have the magic key to your happiness. It’s bogus because the truth is, you have the magic keys. You came built and wired with them. The fulfilled, pleasured and wildly whole version of you isn’t in someone else’s warehouse, awaiting finishing touches, confetti and shipment.

Nope. She’s inside you. And it’s no coincidence you’re reading these words, love. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been drawn – maybe even against the will of your logical mind – by the force of a deeper truth, the rhythm of your body, and the raw power and pleasure potential between your thighs.

Now, I’m not saying, “it’s all inside you” to make you into some kind of modern Buddha. All kinds of goodness is outside of you. The world can be your ecstatic playground, and one of your super-highways to the sacred too, if you desire it.

With this said, there are many things that boil down to your relationship with yourself, love – things like reclaiming who you really are, developing the capacity to hold yourself through anything, and living in alignment with your authentic truth and expression.

Self-relationship involves revolutionizing how you feel in your body, how you engage with your body’s cyclical rhythm, your thoughts and emotions, and learning how to effectively heal baggage you’re carrying from the past. It’s a matter of acquiring the powerful perspectives and tools you need to take the reins of your life.

Now, you have an opportunity to write yourself a golden permission slip: to live radically in love with yourself, your body, and your life. There are precious keys inside you that you’ve never been told about; that lie dormant until you follow the breadcrumbs inward with new perspective…

So, let’s start with your Wild Prayer, babe – you know, the one that you might have tucked away in a journal somewhere but, more than anything, you want to make it real:

  • You want to learn the cyclical rhythm of your body: how to be truly experience your body as a temple, and listen to her as a direct compass to your innermost desires and fulfillment.
  • You want to explore self-healing symptoms you have around your sexuality and menstrual cycle. You’re saying “NAAOOO MORE” to the soul-sucking labels and pills and pain killers bandaid-ers.
  • You want to unleash the Conscious Wild inside you, tap your untapped pleasure, experience more and deeper orgasms, and deeply connect with your feminine essence.
  • You want to feel as though your sexuality, career, relationships, and the most mundane areas of your life are infused with purpose, magic and spirituality.
  • You want to access liberation and connection through the deeper guidance of your emotions, even when it all feels like shiiiit {my PMS ladies, I feel you}.
  • You desire to connect with all aspects of who you are. You want to unleash the parts of you that are caged up in ‘shoulds’, expectations and cultural conditioning.
  • You want to get your hands on the practical tools that mold your life into an artistic dance of healing and thriving.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn the intricate details of your menstrual cycle, and step into it as your most foundational and integrative self-development practice
  • Embrace all aspects of yourself and your sexuality with powerful jade egg and ritual practices curated for each phase of your cycle
  • Take a practical dive into the essential foundations of Tantra and Taoism
  • Unleash your sexual joy and sensual empowerment
  • Embody your fullest confidence, radiance and vitality
  • Learn the language of your body so YOU can heal and integrate the root issues beneath the symptoms you experience related to your cycle and sexuality
  • Learn practical tools to transform and integrate stagnant energy, emotions, baggage from the past and limiting beliefs

Hi love, my name is Luna.

Now, we’re entering an era of bold claims… and I want to make one for you. I’m taking a stand for something I didn’t believe until I experienced it for myself and saw it to be true for countless women:

Your menstrual cycle is your built-in compass to rapture, healing, erotic liberation, fulfillment and true leadership.

Stay with me here while I whisper a love letter into the ear of your belly.

Most of us have been taught that our bodies are a main source of our suffering: that they’re medical disasters waiting to happen… that our periods are normal if they’re painful… that if we actually express ourselves with our bodies as sexual beings, we’ll be in grave danger {or at the very least, we’ll be deemed slutty, inappropriate and unprofessional}… that all of our sensations and emotions are the enemy of success and the source of our weakness… that ‘that time of the month’ betrays us every damn time.

We’ve simultaneously been taught to value the state, capacity and intelligence of our mind over everything.

This is the formula that’s led to a global epidemic of disembodied living.

But, the thing is, our bodies and nervous systems create the whole framework through which we perceive, digest, assimilate and relate with all of life. They store the memories our minds forget, and are encoded with the imprints from our past regardless of whether those experiences are relevant now. The climate and orientation of our conscious mind and emotions are a direct result of what lies underneath the surface.

I believe it is your birthright to live in sync with the rhythmic intelligence of your body and soul.

There is no way to feel whole if a part of us is replaying a traumatic past experience on repeat, if we are actively resisting change, or if we’re rejecting an emotion or facet of ourselves. These chain us to either reliving the past until it gets resolved, or endlessly projecting our happiness into a future time and version of ourselves. Essentially, we wind up fighting against life, rather than allowing it to move through us.

The vast majority of us have no connection to both the eternal core of who we are, and how to live embracing our dynamic, cyclical, evolving nature. This wisdom lies in the Queendom of the body, which just lives the freedom that the mind can’t wrap around…

Embodiment and empowerment go hand-in-hand.

Why? Because when we are fully embodied, we live in active connection with all facets of ourselves and our cycles, and that inner connection creates the context through which genuine, benevolent power arises. We are no longer at war with ourselves – our emotions, thoughts and unconscious – so we cease to dampen our power and energy by waging war with the world.

Instead, we wield our inner power to truly live an unshamably expressed, erotically-fulfilled, sacred, loving, true-to-ourselves life.

Women are built to live in direct relationship with the codes, beliefs and wisdom that shape our reality from beneath the domain of the conscious mind. We are made to do so through the refined blueprint of our menstrual cycle.

Because each phase of a woman’s cycle correlates directly with a season of the planetary yearly cycle, women can harness the power, change and insight of an entire year within a single month. This rhythm is meant to propel us into sustainable growth, wholeness and balance the same way the seasons harmonize our planet.

Now, take a step back and imagine the number of women who are living disconnected from their bodies altogether: from the inner ancient call to authentic wholeness and power; from the rhythm that catalyzed the evolution of our ancestors.

You might identify as one of these women. I was for a long time.

You may have tried all kinds of spiritual and healing modalities, or even pain relievers and pills…

And unless these things truly bring you back home to both your soul AND your body’s rhythmic wisdom, you’re likely left longing.

Now, it’s time to learn how to live in alignment with yourself and your cyclical nature…

It’s time for you to step into your orgasmic, alchemical power, Queen.

The Orgasmic Womb Modules:

Module 1: Foundations of Tantra and Tantric Alchemy

  • Includes an in-depth exploration of the history of Tantra, foundational Tantric philosophies, and the chakra and nadi energy maps
  • A breakthrough embodied breathwork process to move, activate, release, heal or integrate anything 

Module 2: Menstrual Cycle Awareness

  • A thorough map of the universal menstrual cycle, as well as the personal practice of Menstrual Cycle Awareness
  • Breast Massage
  • Womb Healing and Connection

Module 3: The Jade Egg

  • The history of the Jade Egg, its benefits, and a juicy powerful foundational practice

Module 4: Taoist Alchemy and Energy Maps

  • A detailed exploration of universal masculine/yang and feminine/yin energies
  • Powerful practices to alchemize energy in your body, experience extended orgasmic experiences, enhance sensitivity, and boost energy levels

Module 5: Self-Attunement

  • A deep-dive into your unique relationship with each phase of your cycle, self-healing, and aligning your life and practices to balance your system
  • A detailed map of how the yin and yang energies shape your cycle
  • Ancient and accessible energy practices and tools to connect with, alchemize and liberate stuck energy within your womb and body

Module 6: Menstrual Phase

  • Archetypal Embodiment: becoming the Wise Oracle
  • Rewriting your first blood story
  • Monthly blood rituals
  • Bathing in Wisdom Ritual

Module 7: Follicular Phase

  • Archetypal Embodiment: empowering the Maiden
  • Orgasmic Tantrika Practice
  • Bold Power Jade Egg Practice
  • Youthful Abundance Practice
  • Fluid Creation Meditation

Module 8: Ovulatory Phase

  • Archetypal Embodiment: embodying the Mother Creatrix
  • Sexy Euphoria Jade Egg Practice
  • Blooming Presence Meditation

Module 9: Luteal Phase

  • Archetypal Embodiment: owning the Wild Woman
  • Sacred Healing & Releasing Jade Egg Practice
  • Wild Primal Ritual

Modules 6-9 are each devoted to a phase of the cycle, and contain optimal practices, rituals and meditations curated specifically to allow you to get to know your relationship with each phase even more.

You’ll learn how to interpret signs and symptoms relevant to each phase in an empowering way {i.e. PMS in the luteal phase}, and take action to fulfill the needs of your body.

They also include explorations of the exalted archetypes associated with each phase, and support you in choosing from a whole library of practices to best benefit you and your body.

You’ll walk away from Orgasmic Womb with the practical tools and empowering knowledge to not only experience rapid transformation, but implement a whole new way of playfully engaging life itself.

So, why blend Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA) with Tantra and Jade Egg Practice?

Alright, lemme paint you the full picture.

Tantra is a body of practices that essentially expands the bandwidth of the human nervous system, body and mind to be present with the full spectrum of our human experiences: from the most challenging to the most ecstatic and expansive. Tantra sees every aspect of reality as a potential portal to self-actualization, wholeness and higher consciousness. The key is our depth of presence with and through everything.

In my perspective…

The ultimate tantric practice for women is Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

MCA is not another rulebook to live by. It’s a journey where you embrace the initiatory wisdom within your body, seasons, emotions and experiences. 

I believe that Menstrual Cycle Awareness is the most under-utilized self-development tool and spiritual practice that’s available to every single woman.

Now, Jade Egg practice is thousands of years old, rooted in the Taoist tradition. It has been widely used to support women in many areas without any known side effects. In case this is news to you love, this is a practice where we insert an egg-shaped crystal into our vagina, and practice things like:

  • Enhancing sensitivity, strength and dexterity in the internal muscles, which sky-rockets pleasure and multi-orgasmic potential whether you’re gettin’ sexy solo, or with a partner
  • Releasing chronic tension, trauma and emotional content that’s stored in this area of the body
  • Connecting with your sensuality and turn-on, which can fuel not only your sex life, but all aspects of your life creatively, interpersonally and professionally
  • Reclaiming our sexual and sensual expression to experience true personal liberation
  • Directly experiencing the alchemical power of connecting with all of your emotions, thoughts and sensations as doorways to pleasure, self-actualization, and the refinement of your purpose
  • Resolving a wide range of symptoms involving your sexuality and menstrual cycle by enhancing the vitality of your reproductive organs, establishing hormonal balance, and tending to the underlying energetics and emotions that perpetuate the experience of infection and imbalance in the body

Investment Options:

The Backstory

As a young woman, I tried everything I could think of to heal a few things you might be familiar with: religious sexual shame and trauma, the effects of chronic gaslighting in my childhood, disordered eating and body image dysmorphia, crippling perfectionism, ruthless self-judgment, extreme pain during my period, and grief I couldn’t seem to move through after losing a loved one in a sudden accident.

I felt so disconnected from my body that I lost track of the difference between self-care and self-abuse. I felt so trapped in my head and religious conditioning that enjoying sex or intimacy felt impossible. I felt so insecure in my own skin that counting calories and minutes at the gym consumed every other thought. My emotions were my enemies, and my thoughts were even worse.

At the lowest point, I started practicing yoga, self-awareness and mindfulness tools… I spent years devoting myself to these and yet, nothing eased the haunting sense that I couldn’t trust myself – my body, my mind or my emotions.

I take it as a miracle that I measured my success by how much of my heart I put into everything I did (and yea, my resume, too). I was aware that with my heart leading, I somehow changed every day, and yet I was tormented by the fear that the deepest patterns and pains in my life were inescapable and unchangeable. I felt that there was something I was meant to learn from them, and the hope that I’d discover those lessons pulled me through the most challenging years of my life.

Somehow I knew I had to live with my eyes wide open to what was foreign to me. I knew that everything I judged and dismissed because it didn’t fit into my logical, scientific mind likely had something to teach me…

never imagined that this openness would lead me to exploring the ancient tradition of Tantra, healing my sexuality, and reclaiming my womanhood through the initiatory power of my menstrual cycle.

I reached a point where it just clicked: these were key components of an inner transformation I was seeking my whole life. They were the unturned leaf.

I had yet to touch the practice of infusing sanctity and meaning into my sexuality, cycles and most human experiences… and these were the things I felt most critical of and disconnected from.

I also experienced extreme pain during my bleeding days – I’m talkin’ the kind of pain that was worse than when I broke my spine at thirteen. This started shortly after I stopped taking hormonal birth control, which I had taken daily since my gynecologist prescribed it about a decade earlier. When I asked my doctor about the pain, she shrugged it off and nonchalantly said that it was either normal, or I had endometriosis.

But I couldn’t shrug off this kind of pain – and for some reason I also couldn’t shake off the feeling that for the first time in my life I shouldn’t dismiss it as “normal”, and stuff my body with pain killers to get out of bed.

In my eyes, pain this intense had to have a purpose. To believe it was pointless would have gone against everything I had learned about the body’s intelligence at that point in my life – both through studying western medicine, and numerous holistic traditions. I didn’t understand, but I just knew that something inside desperately needed my attention.

To this day, I’m still amazed that what completely resolved the pain within six months was Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

No drugs or pills. No diet change. No difference in exercise. This practice brought me into connection with what was happening in my body, and transformed every other area of my life for the better…

As my life became much less physically painful, I grew hyper-aware of how hard it was to allow myself to feel embodied pleasure, connect to my feminine sensuality, and give myself permission to thrive. This led me to the realization that I was far more afraid of my pleasure as a woman than my pain.

The combination of practicing Tantra, Menstrual Cycle Awareness and Jade Egg Pleasure Practices led to the reclamation of my whole life from a lineage riddled with sexual repression, judgment, trauma and conditioning.

So, yea babe, you can feel it by now – this became the foundation of Orgasmic Womb.

This course is my howling, unleashed prayer for Womankind.

What the Queens are saying…

The hidden gem for me in Orgasmic Womb has been the realization that if I listen to my body, all the way deep down, there’s no “wrong” way… I might want to dance my ass off when I’m bleeding or just want a bath when I’m ovulating, and that’s all okay. Luna has helped me free myself from so many preconceived notions about how my body should be and what I should feel like… and freedom never tasted so sweet.


Orgasmic Womb, approached through the lens of Tantra, Chinese Medicine and Taoist practices, has been fundamentally life-altering for me as a woman understanding how to reclaim the wisdom and totality of myself. Luna offers a portal to true wholeness with her meticulously crafted offering of OW and I wish it was required life-training for every woman (and man!) on this planet.


In month 4 of Orgasmic Womb, I had my first pain-free menstruation, and in month 6, I had my first pain-free ovulation. I still have light cramping here and there, but I actually enjoy it! I feel so connected to my body. To say I’m grateful for OW is the understatement of the century.


I majorly hesitated when signing up for OW because online courses don’t usually serve my learning style. I had no idea it was possible to feel so seen and loved by a teacher in every video. Safe to say I’ve never experienced such a thorough, holistic and intentional online course before. It’s really changed my life and my cycle.


I signed up for Orgasmic Womb right after I turned 62, and am in menopause. The first few modules alone have been worth every penny I paid, and helped me feel so much more balanced. Having noticeably fewer mood swings and hot flashes has changed the game for me. Luna is an exceptionally knowledgable and powerful guide… I just wish I had found her sooner.


All of the champagne bubbly sensations are flooding my system as a bow to Luna in awe and amazement! This course has been infinitely inspiring and life changing. Thanks to Luna for being such a fire cooker trailblazer for my spirit and being a key in motivating me to imbue every day with this magic of self-connection and MCA.


This course is the real deal. The legit real self – real world integration. I feel more confident than ever that I can lead in my 9-5 job and not feel like my body is working against me.


The gift of Orgasmic Womb for me has been finding my capability. I never thought I could actually hold myself through the intense emotional ups and downs of luteal. I was put on anti-depressants when I was 15 because of how bad my PMS would get. During OW, I started weaning off the medication over a few months while staying diligent with the practices and re-listening to Luna’s lectures nonstop. I had no intention of making such a bold change through OW, but can safely say now that it’s changed my life in so many unexpected and liberating ways.

Anonymous Queen

I am three days into my period and for the first time have NO pain!!! I challenged myself to do the practices consistently for this whole cycle and am blown away that this is the result! Everyone should have access to this kind of education.



Is this course going to be a lot of work? Time commitment? Fun?

This course is designed to be both an expansion into new knowledge AND a ton of pleasure, play and fun exploration! I am here to guide you in reclaiming your healing journey as a pleasure-filled one.

You take this course at your own pace – you have it forever! You also have access to the monthly calls for the foreseeable future, so you can always hop on and get your questions answered no matter where you are in the course.

If you’re committed to the practices a few times per week while you go through each module, it’s an average of a 2 hours/week time investment.

Is OW a good place to start if I'm desiring to begin exploring tantra?

Absolutely. The entire first module lays a detailed foundation about Tantra as a tradition, its rich history, as well as foundational practices. The Menstrual Cycle Awareness and Jade Egg practices are also both deeply tantric by nature, and will give you a breadth of experience, practical tools and a great understanding of what Tantra is really about.

Will this course include practices to help me heal sexual conditioning and trauma?

Yes! All of the practices are designed for gentle, sustainable self-healing and trauma resolution. This course is an incredible place to start, outside of a 1-on-1 coaching container.

However, if you’re currently experiencing severe symptoms of post-traumatic stress, I recommend you either see a trauma specialist beforehand, or at the very least throughout the duration of this course to ensure you have all the support you need.

You alluded to a whole array of symptoms of the menstrual cycle that can be alleviated through MCA and the other practices in OW. Can you elaborate?

Firstly, I am not a gynecologist or doctor. There are many conditions and symptoms I do not have the training to “diagnose” or direclty support. If you’re having extreme challenges, seek guidance primarily from your doctor. Meanwhile, this course can absolutely support your healing process. 

I also can’t make any medical claims or say, “These practices will 100% heal x/y/z”.

However, I do specialize in the field of menstrual cycle education and awareness, which I’ve seen to be exceptionally effective for many women in the process of healing symptoms and challenges holistically from the root level. The Jade Egg has also been known to support women in resolving many chronic infections and challenges.

Just as with any natural approach, healing can take time. This process often involves a deep alchemy of the deeper emotional content and conditioning stored in the nervous system, which create an environment where illness can thrive.

Will we explore masculine-feminine energetics?

Oh yea! We will deep-dive into this topic through the Taoist lens of Yin and Yang, and we’ll also look at the menstrual cycle through this perspective to understand how we move naturally through these energies every month.

Can I do this course if I'm transgendered, non-binary or male?

I’ve gone back and forth about how to both include the whole gender spectrum, as this is very important to me, while also creating a space for women who menstruate to practice and truly reclaim their power through the cycle and Jade Egg practices.

You can take this course as long as you have a physical vaginal canal (regardless of your gender identity), as we’ll be doing practices where you bring an egg inside. If you’re transgendered, but still have a physical vagina and desire to do these practices and explore the magic of the cycle, you are welcome. 

For anyone who physically can’t or doesn’t desire to do the Jade Egg practices, I will likely release a bundle just with the menstrual cycle sections. This will also be ideal for anyone who desires to learn about the menstrual cycle to more deeply connect with and understand their menstruating partners.

Is MCA applicable to me if I'm in menopause?

Yes, incredibly so. Even if you are beyond your menstruating years, it is still invaluable to understand this part of your body’s natural rhythm. It can enhance a depth of self-compassion and confidence unlike anything else. Menopause brings a whole new array of gifts, pleasure-capacity and abundance our way, and this course will support you in harnessing these.

Can I still participate in all of the exercises if I'm pregnant?

Yes! You can’t practice with the Jade Egg, but you can still do all of the Jade Egg practices without inserting the egg, and experience incredible benefits.

The Jade Egg practice is also one of the most incredible things to do postpartum, to support your body’s strength and recovery after birth. So, you can practice all the way through pregnancy without the egg, and then begin with the egg right after you have your baby!

Menstrual Cycle Awareness is also an incredibly powerful practice to support you through all life phases, including maidenhood into motherhood. 

Can I do the Jade Egg practices with an IUD?

Yes, you can do all of the practices in Orgasmic Womb with an IUD. However, doing any weight-lifting practices with an IUD is contraindicated. This is because if the weight causes the egg to suddenly fall out of the vaginal canal, it can disrupt the IUD. 

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