For the no-bull-shit committed revolutionaries… learn with me.

These are resources for you to explore that I can personally recommend from my own study, healing and integration process. Each resource is rich with tools and knowledge to help you dive into the inner work that nobody else can do for you.

I am NOT an educator. I am whole-heartedly committed to being an active, learning antiracist for the rest of my life. It’s my hope that this list inspires you to engage this movement on an ongoing and ever-deepening basis as well.

I also make no claims and take no responsibility for what the creators, authors and activists do or don’t share.

“The Impact Of Anti-Blackness In The Bodies Of BIWOC & White Creators Who Know They’re Here For Change”

“Decolonizing: It’s The Other ‘Good D'”:

Layla Saad

Author, Speaker and Teacher

Rachel Cargle

Public Academic, Writer and Lecturer

Andréa Ranae

Be the Revolution

Shaun King

The North Star, ActionPac, Grassroots Law Project

Lee Merritt, Esq

Civil Rights Lawyer

From Privilege to Progress:

Marie Beecham

Social Justice and Anti-Racism Educator


Trevor Noah

“The Dominos of Racial Injustice” Talk:

So You Want to Talk About: 

Dissecting progressive politics and social issues in graphic slideshow form:


A List of Black-Owned Businesses to Support:

Other Articles:

The Myth of Reverse Racism by Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre: 

“Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome” by Dr. Joy Degruy:

“Breaking the Chain: Healing Racial Trauma in the Body” by Kristin Moe:

On 4th of July: 

And, there is so much more… Please use this resource list as a starting point – it is no where near complete.

Even more important than your educational research is your embodied healing, de-conditioning and integration. Please seek a qualified mentor, coach or therapist to support these elements of your journey.