with Quantum Soul Embodiment Method™

There’s a wild impulse stirring in your bones…

A truth picking up momentum in the back of your throat…

An inevitable awakening you feel yourself teetering on the precipice of.

You know this next evolution of your life is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, because it’s one of remembranceof who you really are, what you’re here to do, what you truly value, the legacy you’re here – not only to leave behind – but to live with every breath.

Even though you can’t imagine the path ahead, you can sense it like electricity in the air when lightning is close.

And, my love, you want it. The craving grows until… you startle awake at midnight, with sweat at your temples and heat between your thighs.

You have the impulse to just relax and allow the untaming, the quantum leap, the metamorphosis. But the resistance, doubt and mental noise are still ringing in your ears.

You’ve done so much in the world and so much “inner work” that it’s hard to fathom that there might be a whole new realm of magic within you. Your mind conjures evidence that you’ll just have to deal with the residual fear, burnout, patterns and pain…

Now, what if I told you that you don’t need to do any more work? No more force, no more proving or explaining yourself, no more searching for the “better version” of you, no more “fixing to heal”.

What if I could guarantee that all you need now is to tease open your truth, reframe your perspective, and surrender to the greatness that’s awakening inside you?

As you read these words, you feel it. You are ready to do the most transformative thing you will ever do: you are on the threshold of embodying your soul.

You are about to unveil the divine within your humanity, liberate your relationships from the past, and consecrate your expression.

You are about to leap into the limitless.

You know it’s time, my love… so the most important question is this:

Will you say “yes”?

I’m here to help you become a conscious alchemist and architect of your reality, so you can truly inhabit the life you’ve always dreamt of — rich with orgasmic alignment, abundance, liberation and ease.

You crave to unravel internalized oppression and patriarchy from your nervous system that has led you to distrust your body, go to war with your mind, and perceive yourself as separate from your potential.

You know that it’s time to claim for yourself:
  • guidance to pioneer into a paradigm where you make a regenerative impact in the world, not from a place of discontent and pressure… but curiosity and love.
  • real tools to begin listening to your essence more than all the “shoulds” and “supposed to’s”.
  • actual support to stop pushing, disciplining and fixing your way through personal and professional development.

You crave a safe space to be radically human; a space that opens new landscapes within you; a space where you are led, because you know that all great leaders have rock-solid support systems and guides of their own.

“Luna runs the revolution of falling in love with everything you thought was too scary or confusing inside yourself. She’s in the business of life transformation. And she does it with more play and softness than I’ve ever seen.”

– Clara S.

“Luna leads you into your own Wonderland. There are no words to describe her capacity to guide you into total connection with yourself…”

– Steph L.

Now, my love, I know the ins and outs of the labyrinth that winds back to the liberation of body and the love of soul so well I could sniff my way to the breakthrough with eyes shut and hands tied. This is the art I’ve devoted my life to.

“You’ll want Luna forever, but she’ll make you confident enough that you leap, and never look back.”

– Jenna K.

The good news is when you know that you desire something more, the only trueprerequisite” to experiencing your desire is embodying permission – that you GET to have it, be it, live it; that it’s already a part of you.

You’re a leader who’s likely spent years refining your craft, doing trainings and courses, and excelling within your field of work or artistry. You radiate passion because you’ve never been one to settle. In essence, babe, you’re a total badass, a true wildcard, a revolutionary.

And behind the scenes, you’ve tried mental gymnastics and all the yogi’s tricks. You’ve found the comfy spot on the therapist’s couch… and while it’s been an epic ride, you still feel like your best self, life and relationships are just one more silk curtain away.

You’ve climbed “the mountain” and traversed the wilds back down countless times, knowing that true divinity is actually within you… but wondering whether you’ll ever really FEEL it…

You know there’s more magic to explore once the storms and suffering in your life are calmed, but you’ve taken yourself as far as you could alone.

I’ll be straight with you: I’m the one you find when you are no longer willing to give another person’s word greater validity and priority than the voice of YOUR soul.

I’m the one you find when you’re ready to experience your humanity and divinity as one.

I’m the one you enter relationship with when you are ready to experience yourself as limitless, your body as sacred, and your desires as prophesy.

So, it’s about time I introduce myself.

Hey beauty, I’m Luna.

I’m the Founder of Quantum Soul Embodiment Method™ {formerly called Orgasmic Soul Alignment Method™}.

I’ve spent years refining my methodology to help you alchemize your perception, trauma, relationship patterns, self-sabotage and emotional disempowerment…

so you can experience your true nature, and consciously design the extraordinary life you were born to weave.

I deeply believe that the impact you’re here to make is a natural byproduct of you living a meaningful, embodied life.

Hence, I’m devoted to helping you dissolve the perceived distance between you, as you are right now and the freedom, love and fulfillment you yearn for most.

Because, my love, you deserve to discover yourself within and beyond the constant hustle towards your “higher self”, imagined future, and career goals.

Because you deserve to experience your life guided seamlessly by your soul’s wild truth and pleasure, rather than all the pain, patterns, should’s and supposed to’s.

“Want to actually remember your soul? Luna is your ultimate wing-woman. You don’t want anything less than a queen who’s the master of her craft. And that she is.”

– Sharon A.

Quantum Soul Embodiment Method™

is a proven system designed to help you awaken to your intrinsic divinity, fulfillment, reality creatorship and orgasmic nature.

I’ve proven this system to be effective time and time again, with hundreds of womxn. The purpose of my methodology is not to “get to” a singular end-result, but a revolutionized, rapturous lifestyle.

Read more about the methodology here.

When you apply…

a couple things will happen:

If I feel we might be a perfect fit, I’ll send you an email to schedule an introductory session, and submit payment to claim our time together.

This introductory call isn’t just a consult. It’s a transformational session where we will get clear on the full picture of where you are: your deepest desires and current challenges.

If we feel aligned to move forward together, and I have space in my 1:1 container currently, we’ll explore custom mentoring package options.

Your ultimate toolkit:

These are some of the modalities and disciplines we use when working together:

  • Quantum Soul Embodiment Method™
  • VITA Method™: Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach
  • Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Practices
  • Nervous System and Subconscious Reprogramming
  • Sacred Sexuality Practices and Revolutionary Sexual Trauma Healing Tools
  • Archetypal Embodiment and Identity Reorientation
  • Menstrual Cycle Awareness
  • Wealth Embodiment and Money Mindset
  • Holistic Resistance and Self-Sabotage Transformation
  • Zero-Point Reality Design and Manifestation, rooted at the intersection of spirituality and Quantum Physics
  • Self-Pleasure Rituals
  • Yoni Egg, Wand and De-Armoring Practices
  • Breathwork
  • Masculine-Feminine Energy Dynamics
  • Embodied Visualization
  • Tantric Wisdom and Philosophy
  • Shamanic Journeywork
  • Internalized Oppression Transformation
  • Non-violent Communication
  • Habit Building, Goal Setting and Accountability


Where most therapists have left me bored of hearing my own voice with no practical answers or shifts ever given other than ‘conscious perspective’, and most coaches have left me exhausted at the sound of their voice dictating encouragements and their own perspective on my life, Luna listened to my ramblings on limiting patterns and past trauma with a laser-like intent, making meaning of it all with few words and much grace. The guided visual and somatic portions of my single session with Luna created immediate and lasting nervous system changes in me that I’m still incredulous about.

In any kind of self-development or integrative-type work, I had bought into the idea that it takes months, even years to make changes. But working with Luna, I’ve fully opened my own inner knowing that healing can be immediate and quick, even spontaneous – if we let it. Luna helped me integrate both safety and openness for an immediate, solid and gentle clearing like I’ve never had the privilege of experiencing before. In short, Luna is a force of nature – in the most embracing catalytic way possible.

I wasn’t looking for the work that Luna offers, but saying I am glad to have found her is a tremendous understatement. Orgasmic Womb, approached through the lens of Tantra, Chinese Medicine and Taoist practices, has also been fundamentally life-altering for me as a woman understanding how to reclaim the wisdom and totality of myself. Luna offers a portal to true wholeness with her meticulously crafted offering of OW. I wish it was required life-training for every woman (and man!) on this planet!

Christine Ren

Somatic Water Guide and Underwater Performer and Director

When I came to Luna, I was exhausted and skeptical. I had worked with a number of sexologists and therapists to help heal sexual blocks from childhood shaming and religious conditioning without any real shifts at all. I was unsure if I’d ever find compatible support, or if it was possible truly heal these imprints, and their effects on my body and being.

Luna is an incredibly skilled practitioner and intuitive. To my surprise, I experienced immediate responses of softening, opening, relaxing and feeling greater sensuousness in my body. Parts of me, once ridden with numbness or anxious discomfort to my partner’s touch, became exhilarating caresses that ignited my whole body.

These awakenings continued to develop throughout our work together. Luna is a true guide into reclaiming greater sovereignty. She leads you into your internal altar, where she ensures you are not left without knowing how to get there by following the flames of your own inner-light.

I now feel deeply empowered in my natural ability to access my sexual and sensual prowess and fully enjoy the pleasure of my own erotic pulse, without shame. I did not think that was possible. A whole new way of experiencing life has opened up inside me. There’s no going back.

Ally Rugge

Founder of Menstrala School

Working with Luna is absolutely life changing. Our first session blew my mind — I immediately found a connection with my body and soul that I never thought was possible. I’ve spent years working on myself, my emotions and my spiritual wellbeing in different ways, and am a teacher and coach on these topics. Nonetheless, Luna guided me to new dimensions, clarity, transformation and connection in ways I wasn’t able to reach by myself.

Working with Luna has changed more than I can express in words. I now work from endless ease, desire and inner knowing. I can check in with my energy and intuition deeper than ever before, and I can connect to my soul and inner power in a totally new, amplified way. My life feels enchanted and magical. My business has become a magical place that I come home to, and that creates more abundance than ever before. Even the way I move, think, speak and look at things is forever changed.

Luna works with endless love, tenderness and curiosity. Her knowledge is impeccable. She is wise, strong and loving. I am forever grateful for her guidance — it has had (and still has) immense impact on both my personal life and my business.

I would recommend everybody work with Luna. Her presence and guidance — through sessions AND private messaging — will have an impact that you cannot even comprehend beforehand.

Dolly Heuveling van Beek

Feminine Abundance and Creation Mentor

Working with Luna 1:1 is a life-evolving experience. The gentleness with which she leads her sessions resulted in instant trust between us and was a catalyst to my self-rediscovery. Her genuine interest in my journey opened a curiosity in me which allowed a depth of exploration with no expectation of a particular outcome.

Luna is an intuitive guide, teasing open parts of me that yearned to come out, while respecting and recognizing parts of me that needed healing. She celebrated my uniqueness at every opportunity and did not shy away from challenging my narrative.

Every session was a blank slate, and every session I was led back to my essence. Luna gives permission to feel it ALL, everything all at once; the pleasure and the pain, the beautiful and the ugly, the laughter and the gut punch.

The surrender Luna encouraged during sessions stripped back my once-held beliefs and catapulted me into entirely new dimensions of my leadership, power, beauty, intelligence, and womanhood. I am forever grateful to her and her invaluable contribution and role on my quest to return to myself.

Kristina Casey

Before saying yes to working 1:1 with Luna, I felt uncertain of myself when making decisions. I more frequently trusted someone else’s way instead of trusting my own. I felt unsafe to fully be myself in certain areas of my life, my business being one of them. My relationship with money felt sticky and uncomfortable. I was operating from a constant masculine version of productivity.

Since working with Luna, I am making decisions more and more from my body and remaining in a true, consistent relationship with my body, soul and intuition. I have integrated so many parts of myself that I once diminished because part of me believed they were “wrong.” Holy wilddd woman, I am much more open to pleasure, sexual expression, and sensual activation! I feel unapologetic more than I ever have when I’m dancing, sounding, moving, expressing. I celebrate that I am the source of my own message and clarity, and truly feel aligned with the impact of my work.

There is so much I can share about my experience in Luna’s 1:1 container… the shifts and transformations seem so indescribable at times, but I will say that miracles happened. Every single week. And they keep happening. I believe they have always been available to me, though I am much more attuned to acknowledging them as miracles now.

I am so proud of myself for investing in myself, my truth and my business through Luna’s mentorship. I allow all of me to have a seat at the table of my life and I give permission for all of me to be expressed. I absolutely adore Luna, her truth, the way she holds space, the way she reflects experiences back to me, and how she invited me into a deeper embodiment of my soul transmission and self expression. Literally love love love Luna. Massive gratitude for this woman!!

Kristen Palone

Feminine Embodiment Mentor

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