Ok, I’m owning this

— it’s what I’m here for —

this is what I desire for you, my love:

  • To build a powerfully loving relationship with all aspects of yourself, so you can truly thrive.
  • To heal sexual shame, fear and guilt that stem from religious and cultural conditioning, and traumatic sexual experiences.
  • To establish and nourish an inner ecology of safety, connection and play.
  • To alchemize body insecurity so you can truly revel in the elixir of your own beauty and magic – both in and outside of the bedroom.
  • To create a new sexual identity that’s profoundly empowering and true to YOU.
  • To experience yourself as a deliciously orgasmic, multi-orgasmic, whole-body orgasmic Goddess!
  • To manifest all that you desire, whether it be deeper spiritual connection or abundant wealth, through your authentic sexuality and embodied wisdom.

Because to truly live as a
Pleasure Priestess
is to live from your radically
liberated, thriving nature.

Your unique sexuality is your gateway to the sanctity, meaning, and higher purpose of your life.

Your sexuality is your gateway to life-changing pleasure and connection, shameless sovereignty, legendary creativity, emotional and relational maturity, abundance, and so much more.

The Backstory

My deepest intention, always, is to only teach and guide others in the territories I’ve personally chartered through.

So, let’s flashback to my relationship at 18years old. I’m bringing you here because I never dared touch myself alone… so the only sexual experiences I ever had were with my boyfriend.

I hated having sex, and hated myself for hating it.
I thought I was supposed to enjoy it… but all I ever felt was pain and numbness.

The only orgasms I experienced were the result of building an astronomical amount of tension and pressure in my body… I thought I was supposed to get there as fast as possible. It never really felt good. It always only lasted a few seconds, and after, I was exhausted.

My boyfriend never asked what I liked in bed, but I was relieved he didn’t because I wouldn’t have known what to tell him.

I thought of sex as a chore, to keep him satisfied. I never once experienced sex without the nauseating feeling that I was being manipulated for my body, even though I logically knew he loved me. I mentally warred with myself and remember thinking, “how could it be anything else when he is the only one enjoying himself?”

Sexual intimacy was an internal sacrifice. A kind of chronic, stinging self-betrayal…

My experience of sex overall was filled with the distressing sensation of being exposed and penetrated when all I desired to do was become so small that I could slip through the pores of the sheets.

This was all a reflection of many aspects of my life at this point – I disowned my sensitivity, ruthlessly abused and rushed myself in pursuit of what I thought I was supposed to do, be and look like, and had lost touch with the possibility of living in a more connected way.

Now this may seem incredibly grim… but, I still had my spark somehow. I still laughed more deeply than anyone I knew. I still sought out meaningful friendships, and felt an immeasurable determination to live fully…

I just didn’t know how. I didn’t know what was missing. I didn’t realize that sex-negative, fear-based catholic beliefs and trauma were running the entirety of my intimate reality – both with myself and my boyfriend.

I felt the call to reclaim my sexuality after years of eating disorder and body dysmorphia recovery, as well as years of yoga and meditation practice…

It finally struck me that I absolutely had to work with my sexuality when I began having vivid, horrifying nightmares of sexual abuse. To frame this lightly, it was quite the invitation from the depths of my body and spirit.

Through tears and terror, I said         “yes.”

Chartering into my sexuality felt simultaneously like the breath I’d been desperate to take for my whole life, and also like I had to relearn how to breathe altogether.


It was a new language…

It was a new reality to truly embrace my sensations and emotions, establish a deep and resilient sense of safety in my body, and experience pleasure as the arrival of the sacred in my physical form.

Within three weeks of working with my sexuality directly, I witnessed more transformation, healing and love unfurl within me than in seven years of therapy, yoga, spiritual study and self-development work.

I am a living testament to how deeply the convergence of neurobiology and ancient Tantric and Taoist somatic practices and techniques can change the course and nature of a person’s reality.

I’ve since committed my life to this work. I now know the power of my pleasure in my bones. I contact my eternal, essential nature knowing no one and nothing could ever strip this from my soul.

I trust without a doubt that I am capable of feeling and presencing anything being human brings my way.

I believe that most revelations both spiritual and scientific traditions seek can be found in the direct experience of fully embodied living, which blooms forth when we live in active, loving connection with our sexuality.

I’ve created this package because I want you to experience all that’s possible when you learn the tools to relate to your sexuality and experience in a new way that’s nothing short of revolutionary.

Now, my love, onto the logistical details of you and me…

Pleasure Priestess

is  a 3-6 month virtual transformational container to experience sexual alchemy, awaken your most legendary orgasm and sensuality, and live from your authentic power…

Some of the skills and tools you can learn with me in this package:

  • Breath work to move through challenging emotions and energetic blocks to experience whole-bodied connection and coherence
  • Tools to continuously establish an inner sense of safety and trust, so you can open to your fullest joy, pleasure, orgasm and expansion
  • Meditations to tune into your present moment sensations and complete recurring stress cycles
  • Utilizing your emotions and sensations as doorways to deeper self-understanding, and higher perspective and insight
  • Templates to have inner conversations anytime you notice that an old belief system or experience is controlling a part of your life
  • Templates to empower inner archetypes and identities that are supportive to your healing and integration
  • Breast massage and internal de-armoring
  • Moving sexual energy through your body to experience whole-body connection and orgasm
  • Storing sexual energy in your body to deepen your power, creative potential, and magnetism
  • Utilizing your sexual experience as a gateway to manifest anything you desire in life
  • Shamanic journeywork to reveal the blueprint of your desire, magic and purpose

While we focus specifically on your sexuality, transformation in this area will permeate through all other aspects of your life, from career and money to family dynamics.

This is because all the messages and experiences that shape our sexuality sit very deeply in the nervous system and subconscious, primal brain.

Hence, by engaging with our sexuality, we also directly work with impulses, sensations, and root level mechanisms and operating systems of the body-mind.

Working at this level allows us to deconstruct outdated patterns that inhibit the expression of your authenticity…

In other words, we get to playfully excavate your magic so it can reside at the epicenter of your life.

From here, we redesign the whole architecture of your sexual narrative, experience, and foundation for thriving in the world.


I will never tell you that I have 7 steps to lasting happiness, or 3 steps to reach your true love, or anything else for that matter… because the human experience is infinitely unique, and hence the steps in your journey are as well.

I am committed to your unique, nonlinear transformation process. I adapt and tailor this package specifically to you, and hold the greater structure and higher vision of what you desire through our time.

It’s you and me, love. We co-create your evolution in this container together.

So, I need you to be all the way in. All the way ready. Even if you’re afraid, your eyes are tearing, and your hands are shaking as you read this… Mine were when I was preparing to take the leap, too.

My love, you still know when you are ready to say that shaky, powerful


You will walk away from this package with tools, techniques and perspectives that will continue to transform and deepen your experience for the rest of your life.

I withhold nothing from you because this coaching experience is meant to launch you into a lifetime of profound empowerment, self-leadership, and awareness.


Click here to fill out an application.

When you fill out an application, I’ll send you an email to schedule an introductory deep-dive session, and a link to submit payment of $144 USD.

This introductory call isn’t just a consult. It’s a transformational coaching session where we will get clear on the full picture of where you are: your deepest desires and current challenges.

In this call, we’ll also discuss all the details of a coaching package for you, and get clear on whether working together is a perfect fit for us both!

Regardless of whether we move forward with a package, you’ll walk away from this call feeling clear, connected, inspired and empowered.

** Note: if you only desire a single support session, and are not at all interested in a package, fill out the contact form below and I’ll be in touch.

I have experienced sexual trauma. Is this a good fit for me?

I am trained as a trauma-informed coach. Our work together will be largely focused on healing and integrating past traumas – subtle, chronic, and overt – so you can step fully into your pleasure, authentic wholeness, expression and freedom.

Trauma-informed care is based in these guiding principles: safety, trustworthiness, transparency, interpersonal support, collaboration, empowerment and choice. Together we will work to establish an inner ecology of safety – mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically.

With this said, if you have never tended to your trauma before, have recurring debilitating flashbacks or still do not remember the event(s) that unfolded, I would highly suggest you seek out a trauma-specializing therapist before we dive in together. I may also request that if you’re dealing with fresh trauma you work with a therapist throughout our time together, to ensure that you are fully supported.

I feel like this might work for other people, but I’m afraid it won’t work for me… I’m scared to say yes to this.

I hear you. And I can say with all honesty that I’ve been where you are right now. I tried everything I could think of to help myself heal before I dove into this work – years of yoga, meditation, therapy, western medicine, retreats, trainings… I was terrified to say yes, too. Regardless, I still knew some part of me wanted, needed, hungered for this healing. If this is you, know that your resistance is an indication that you are nearing incredible transformation. I invite you to lean into this, and just take one step today.

Can you help me work on things related to my partnership?

Yesss! I’m deeply passionate about relationship coaching, and I’ve also witnessed the power of self-transformation on relationship more times than I can count. You are always where our work starts, and I’m also here to support you in creating and transforming the relationship(s) you desire as well.

Can you support me in releasing blocks I have around money, manifesting and abundance?

Yes!! Sex and money go hand-in-hand, and our relationship with both are actually stored in the same parts of our unconscious primal brain and nervous system. I’ve seen the clearing of blocks around sex and pleasure organically clear and release blockages around receiving abundant wealth countless times. This package is deeply co-created and customized to YOU, so if one of your main desires is to weave abundance into your life, we can absolutely get you there!

How do you take payments?

Paypal or Venmo.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. I offer payment plans that span 3-6 months, depending on your needs and the package you choose.

The Sexually Reclaimed Womxn

In this e-book, you’ll discover…

  • The underlying historical reasons women feel afraid, disconnected and resistant to embodying their full sexual power and pleasure
  • Why working with your sexuality can be the key to experiencing grounded, expansive liberation that’s unique to YOU.
  • How to begin building an integrated relationship with your emotions, sensations and experiences so you can truly thrive.
  • Practices to experience epic orgasms. No matter whether you’ve never had an orgasm before, or you already have the most exquisite, delicious orgasms and just want to have an even richer experience – I’ve got you.

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